Week 14

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    Green Ash

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Fraxinus
    • pennsylvanica

    • Notes: One of the most widely distributed of the native ash. It is used as a shade tree and for erosion prevention. Lumbar is used for tool handles, crates, boxes, and for rough
    • lumbar.
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    Black ash

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Fraxinus
    • nigra

    Notes: Black ash gets it name from the dark brown heartwood. Baskets, barrel hoops, and woven chair bottoms are made from thin tough strips of wood, giving rise to its other name.
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    Empress Tree

    • Scientific Nomenclature:
    • Paulownia tomentosa

    Notes: The empress tree is an naturalized introduced tree. It is used as a rapid growing ornamental and shade tree. The lightweight wood is popular for special uses in Japan such as sandal and furniture making.
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    • Scientific Nomenclature: Cephalanthus
    • occidentalis

    Notes: Foliage is poisonous. The bitter bark has been used for some home remedies. Used as an ornamental.
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    American Elder

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Sambucus
    • canadensis

    Notes: Elderberries are used for making jelly, preserves, pies, and wines.
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    • Scientific Nomenclature:
    • Viburnum dentatum

    Notes: The arrowwood is named as such because its long narrow stems were preferred for making arrow shafts.
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    Northern Caltalpa

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Catalpa
    • speciosa

    Notes: Catalpa is mainly used for fence posts, rails, beams, and crating. It is also good for turned articles and carving due to softness and stability. Other uses include millwork, framing,forms, furniture, drawer sides, and general purpose construction.
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