renal stuff

  1. Kidneys play a role in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance with what elements
    • sodium
    • calcium
    • potassium
    • phosphorus
  2. How do the kidneys play role in regulating bp
  3. what % of blood goes to kidneys for filtration
  4. juxta medullary nephrons
    • allow for fluid reabsorption
    • tubules: bicarb, ca, P
  5. blood flow in general in kidney
    through afferent arterial to glomerulus (filter here) and through efferent arterial
  6. what is the normal GFR?
    125 ml/min
  7. what is secreted from the tubles (into urine/filtrate) normally?
    • K+
    • H+
  8. At what point is glucose going to spill into the urine
  9. What is the first sign of diabetes?
  10. what is the normal output of urine
  11. renin
    • increases reabsorption on sodium and water
    • production increases with low BP, blood volume or low sodium levels
  12. aldosterone
    reabsorption of sodium in distal tubules
  13. erythropoietin
    • released by kidneys
    • increases RBC production
    • released in response to decreased O2
  14. calcium and kidneys
    • required for correct metabolism of Ca
    • kidney produces active form of vit D
  15. TF: Nephrons damaged by both hypo and hyper tension
  16. why do aging get up in the middle of the night to urinate?
    noctural polyria - aren't as effective as concentrating urine which causes them to get up in night
  17. Is one bladder scan sufficient?
    greates of 2-3 scans
  18. specific gravity
    1.005 - 1.03
  19. Positive sign of UTI
    • leukoesterase
    • nitrates
  20. serum creatinine
    • production of muscle breakdown
    • 0.5 - 1.1
    • increase is considered abnormal
  21. blood urea nitrogen
    • by product of protein metabolism
    • clearance of nitrogen waste products
  22. The GFR is controlled by
    • BP
    • renal blood flow
    • changes in pressure in afferent and efferent arterioles
  23. creatinine clearance compares.....
    serum creatinine to creatinine in 24 hr urine collection
  24. which imaging study for kidney function
    IVP - uses contrast
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