ch. 13 part 3

  1. The amount accruing to the corporation's owners.
    stockholders' equity
  2. An itemized financial statement of the income and expenses of a company's operations.
    profit and loss statement
  3. A liquidity ratio that indicates the extent to which short-term assets can decline and still be adequate to pay short-term liabilities.
    current ratio
  4. A leverage ration that indicates the company's ability to meet its long-term financial obligations.
    debt-equity ratio
  5. A ratio of profit to capital used, or a rate of return from capital.
    return on investment (ROI)
  6. Focusing on short - term earnings and profits at the expense oflonger-term strategic obligations.
    management myopia
  7. Control system combining four sets o performance measures: financial, customer, business process, and learning and growth.
    balanced scorecard
  8. Price charged by one unit for a good or service provided to another unit within the organization.
    transfer price
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ch. 13 part 3
ch. 13 part 3