massage therapy canada R 6

  1. insertion of the zygomaticus
    zygomatic bone
  2. isertion of adductor magnus
    linea aspera of the femur and adductur tubercle
  3. insertion of levator scapula
    superior angle of scapula
  4. insertion of tibialis anterior
    1 cuneiform and 1 metatrsal
  5. orgin of temporalis
    temporal bone
  6. action of temporalis
    elevates the mandibula
  7. insertion of trapezius
    base of spine scapula, clavicle, acromion
  8. insertion of spinalis thoracis
    spines of middle and upper thoracic vertebrae
  9. insertion of vastus medialis
    common tendon of quadriceps femoris also referred to as tibial tuborosity and patella
  10. action of vastus medialis
    extend the leg and drawas patella inward
  11. insertion of adductor brevis
    pectineal line and medial lip of linea aspera
  12. insertion of tensor fascia latte
    ITB of fascia latte
  13. insertion of extensor digitorum brevis
  14. insertio of externsor digitorum brevis
    1st phalanx of great toe and the tendons of extensor digitorum longus, of 4 medial toes, not 5 toe
  15. insertion of the semimembranosus
    posterior medial condyle of the tibia
  16. insertion of soleus
    calcaneus by the achilles tendon
  17. insertion of the depressor anguli oris
    angle of the mounth
  18. insertion of the buccinator
    orbicularis oris
  19. insertion of brachialis
    ulnar tuberosity, coronoid process
  20. what does innervation of muscles mean
    the stimulation of a part of the muscle through the action of nerves
  21. what is tissue
    a group of collection of cells wich act together in the performance of a particular action
  22. primary tissues
    epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous
  23. organs of special sence
    eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin
  24. principal systems on the body
    cardiac, nervous, respiratory, skeletal, muscle, reproductive, digestive, intergumentary, lymphatic, urinary
  25. what kind the tissue separate the thorax from the abdomen
    muscle diaphragm
  26. what is the most important tools of massage therapist
    their hands
  27. why is the nervous system referred to as the master system of the body
    the NS regulate the power in the human body and controls the functions of all organs on the body
  28. another name for central system and peripheral nervous system
    voluntary nervous system
  29. how many spinal nerves are found on the human body
    31 pair from vertebrae
  30. what are the 2 types of tissue making up the brain and where is each found
    gray matter is outside and white matter inside
  31. how much solution is used to disinfect
    1 part bleach 10 parts water
  32. how many years you keep your records for the IRS
    10 years
  33. name od kneading manipulations on MT
    petrissage and fricction
  34. therapeutic effect of rolling on massage
    stimulates deep muscles, nerves and blood circulation
  35. why is important to know A and P for a MT
    overall understanding of the theory behind what you are practicing
  36. touch that conveys sexuality is considered
  37. define pain
    subjective experience of the person
  38. terminal illness is one where care is
  39. when do you have to worry about a mole
    when changes in color and size
  40. why you should lie on your massage brouchures
    it could be misleading and you want to build trust and respectable practice
  41. what movement occurs in the distal radius
  42. most common respiratory rate per minuto in elderly
    16-25 breaths x min
  43. what is "forward head" almost always related to
  44. if a patient wants to hug the practitioner after the massage and he/she feels unconfortable about that, to what code of ethics wills these be related to
    personal boundaries
  45. if some1 has a low back problems what is the safest way for them to bend
    bend at the hip and knees
  46. what is the best way to treat Cx with digestive problems
    light circular motions, abdominal massage to help the movement of food through the ascending and the transverse colon
  47. what is the name of the action of a muscle of a muscle that moves the joint to the opposite way from primary movement
  48. what muscle is close to the carotid artery
  49. what is the body preferred energy sourse
  50. what vitamin has to do with bones and teeth
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