Language Activity B #6 Vocab

  1. abortive
    ending without results
  2. aggregate
    a collective mass, the sum total
  3. arrogate
    to claim without justification; to claim for oneself without right
  4. blithely
    merrily, lightheartedly cheerful; without appropriate thought
  5. cessation
    a temporary or complete halt
  6. contemptuous
    scornful; expressing contempt
  7. digress
    to turn aside, especially from the main point; to stray from the subject
  8. feign
    to pretend, to give a false appearance of
  9. gregarious
    outgoing, sociable
  10. impugn
    to call into question; to attack verbally
  11. intractable
    not easily managed or manipulated
  12. licentious
    immoral; unrestrained by society
  13. misnomer
    an error in naming a person or place
  14. obstinate
    unreasonably persistent
  15. paragon
    a model of excellence or perfection
  16. platitude
    overused and trite remark
  17. propensity
    a natural inclination or preference
  18. salient
    prominent, of notable significance
  19. squalid
    filthy and degraded as the result of neglect or poverty
  20. tempestuous
    stormy, turbulent
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Language Activity B #6 Vocab