Psych test #5

  1. Abrupt and disruptive change caused by conflicts among one's various roles in life.
    Role Discontinuity
  2. Older Men and Women become more androgynous
  3. Inability to engage in the sexual act
  4. Removal of all or part of the male prostate gland.
  5. Most characteristics of parenthood, a time during which sacrafices are gladly made for the sake of the children.
    generative love
  6. The capacity to cherish the present moment, perhaps first learned when we confront the certainty of our own personal death
    Generative Love
  7. Human beings who are able to keep up the social activity of their middle years are considered the most successful.
    Activity theory
  8. The most mature adults are likely to gradually disengage themselves from their fellow human beings in preparation for death.
    Disengagement theory
  9. Humans use social contect for four reasons: to obtain physical survival, to get information they need, to maintain a sense of self, and to acquire pleasure and comfort
    Socioemotional selectivity theory
  10. The resolution of each of the first seven crises in erickson's theory should lead us to achieve a sense of personal______. Older adults feel their lives are well spent.
  11. When people look back over their lives and feel that they have made many wrong decisions or, more commonly, that they have not made any decisions at all
  12. km
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