ELM Study Guide Geometry 1

  1. Complementary Angle
    Sum equals 90o
  2. Supplementary Angle
    Sum equals 180o
  3. Perpendicular Line
    Intersection forms right angle
  4. Transversal
    When 2 lines are cut by 3rd line, 3rd line is a transversal
  5. Scalene Triangle
    No equal sides & no equal angles
  6. Isosceles Triangle
    -2 equal sides

    - If you know value of 1 equal side, you can find out value of all angles
  7. Equilateral Triangle
    - All sides & angles are equal

    - Measure of each angle is 60o
  8. Right Triangle
    The side opposite of the right angle is call hypotenuse
  9. 30-60-90 Triangle
    - It is an equilateral triangle cut in middle

    - The side opposite the 90o angle is always twice as long as the side opposite the 30o angle.

    - The side opposite the 60o angle is always √3 times as long as the side opposite the 30o angle
  10. 45-45-90 Triangle
    - Lives a double life: it is both an isosceles & right triangle

    - The side opposite the 90o angle is always √2 times larger than the two equal sides that sit opposite the 45o angles
  11. The Pythagorean Theorem
    c2 = a2 + b2

    - Pythagorean Triples: {3,4,5}, {5,12,13}, {8,15,17}, {7, 24, 25}, {9, 40, 41}.
  12. Similarity of Triangles
    Similar - of the same shape (Proportional)
  13. Congruence
    Two triangles that are IDENTICAL.

    - Two triangles are congruent if they meet these:



  14. Perimeter of Triangle
    Sum of lengths of triangle;s three sides
  15. Area of Triangle
    1/2 Base x Height
  16. Polygon
    Two-dimensional figure with 3 or more straight sides
  17. Perimeter of Polygon
    Sum of lengths of its sides
  18. Number of Degrees Polygons Hold
    • 180o x (n-2)
    • - Ex. Triangle 180o x (1) = 180o
  19. Parallelogram
    4 sided figure(quadrilateral) whose opposite sides are parallel.

    • - Opposite sides are equal in length
    • - Opposite angles are equal
    • - Adjacent angles are supplementary
    • - Diagonals bisect eachother
  20. Rhombus
    Parallelogram where all 4 sides are equal in length
  21. Area of Parallelogram
    (Base x Height) well....(Base x Altitiude)
  22. Trapezoid
    One pair of sides is parallel while other is not
  23. Area of Trapezoid
    A = 1/2 (b1 + b2) x h
  24. Circumference of a Circle
  25. Area of Circle
  26. Arc of Circle
    Line segment that is wrapped AROUND the circle with 2 points
  27. Chord of Circle
    STRAIGHT line segment ACROSS the circle with 2 points
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