Language Activity B #5 Vocab

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  1. abnegate
    to give up; to deny oneself
  2. affected
    phony, artificial
  3. certitude
    assurance, freedom from doubt
  4. diffuse
    to spread out widely, to scatter freely, to disseminate
  5. epochal
    momentous, highly significant
  6. feckless
    ineffective, worthless
  7. grandiloquence
    pompous talk; fancy but meaningless language
  8. impudent
    marked by cocky boldness or disregard for others
  9. intimation
    a subtle and indirect hint
  10. misanthrope
    a person who hates or distrusts mankind
  11. obfuscate
    to confuse, make obscure
  12. paradigm
    an outstandingly clear or typical example
  13. plaintive
    expressive of suffering or woe, melancholy
  14. promulgate
    to make known by open declaration, proclaim
  15. recapitulate
    to review by a brief summary
  16. sacrilegious
    impious, irreverent toward what is held to be sacred or holy
  17. sportive
    frolicsome, playful
  18. temerity
    unreasonable or foolhardy disregard for danger, recklessness
  19. unconscionable
    unscrupulous; shockingly unfair or unjust
  20. wanton
    undisciplined, unrestrained, reckless
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