Categories of Drugs

  1. Adrenergic
    Mimic the action of the sympathetic nervous system, which responds to stress; used to treat bronchospasms, allergic reactions, hypotension
  2. Analgesics
    Alleviate pain
  3. Anesthetics
    Reduce or eliminate sensation
  4. Anticoagulants
    Prevent coagulation and formation of blood clots
  5. Anticonvulsants
    Suppress or reduce the number and/or intensity of seizures
  6. Antidiabetics
    Prevent or alleviate diabetes
  7. Antiemetics
    Relieves symptoms of nausea and prevent vomiting (emesis)
  8. Antihistamines
    Prevent responses mediated by histamine; allergic and inflammatory reactions
  9. Antihypertensive
    Lower blood pressure by reducing cardiac output, dilating vessels, or promoting excretion of water by the kidneys
  10. Anti-inflammatory drugs
    Counteract inflammation and swelling
  11. Antiinfective agents
    Kills or prevents the growth of infectious organisms
  12. Antineoplastics
    Destroy cancer cells; they are toxic for all cells but have greater effect on cells that are actively growing and dividing
  13. Cardiac drugs
    Act on the heart, abnormalities of heart rhythm, reduce rate and force of contractions, dilate arteries, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce workload and venous return
  14. CNS stimulants
    Stimulate Central Nervous System
  15. Diuretics
    Promote excretion of water, sodium, and other electrolytes by the kidneys; used to reduce edema and blood pressure
  16. Gastrointestinal drugs
    Acts on digestive tract, treat or prevent diarrhea, decrease stomach acid
  17. Hypnotics
    Induce sleep or dull the senses
  18. Muscle relaxants
    Depress nervous system stimulation of skeletal muscles; used to control muscle spasms and pain
  19. Proton-pump inhibitors
    Inhibit secretion of stomach acid by blocking the transport of hydrogen ions into the stomach
  20. Psychotropics
    Affect the mind, altering mental activity, mental state, or behavior. Reduce anxiety, relieve depression, relieve symptoms of psychoses
  21. Respiratory drugs
    Act of respiratory system, suppress coughing, prevent asthma attacks, bronchial spasms, loosen mucus
  22. Sedatives/hypnotics
    Induce relaxation and sleep, reduces mental tension and anxiety
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