1. (basic parts of flowers) Sepal
    are the outermost whorl of flower parts and are often green
  2. (basic parts of flowers) Petals
    are usually showy and colored, located just inside the sepals
  3. (basic parts of flowers) Stamens
    male reproductive structure.

    contains: filament and anther
  4. (stamens) Filament
    stalk-like structure that makes up the stamen
  5. (stamens) Anther
    top most part of the stamen.

    -produces pollen grains inside of the structure
  6. (basic parts of flowers) Pistil
    female reproductive structure

    3 parts to it: stigma, style, and ovary
  7. (pistil) Stigma
    -top most part of pistil

    -often sticky
  8. (pistil) Style
    stalk like feature of a pistil that connect to ovary and stigma
  9. (pistil) Ovary
    base of the pistil.

    -inside it contains the ovule, immature seed
  10. (basic parts of flowers) Tepals
    term used when both sepals and petals look alike
  11. (basic parts of flowers) Receptable
    end of the stem, where the flower is attached.
  12. Complete flower
    flowers that have all 4 basic parts

    ex) sepals, petals, stamens, pistil
  13. Incomplete flower
    lacking one or more basic flower parts

    ex) sepals, petals, pistil, stamen
  14. Imperfect flower
    lacking either stamen or pistils, or both
  15. Perfect flower
    bisexual (both gender structures)

    -having both stamen and pistil
  16. Single flower
    one flower on a major stalk
  17. Inflourescence
    many flowers in one single stalk

    -more energy efficient

    ex) sunflowers
  18. essential flower parts? (2)
    stamen and pistil, because they are used for reproduction
  19. function of flower
    bring about succesful reproduction to create new plants
  20. why is there a diverse of flowers?
    flower parts coevolved with their pollinators developing traits that attract mammals and insects.
  21. (flower evolution) primitive traits (5)
    -numerous parts and complete

    -free or seperate parts

    -ovary is superior

    -radial or regular symmetry

    -single flower
  22. (flower evolution) Advanced traits
    -fewer parts or incomplete

    - fused parts

    -ovary is inferior

    -bilateral or irregular symetry

  23. fused parts
    -petals fused to form a tube for specific pollinator
  24. Ovary that is superior...
    -ovary is above other flower parts
  25. Ovary is inferior...
    ovary is below other flower parts

    -sinks the ovary down and protects it
  26. Regular symmetry flower
    cut in half equally at any point
  27. Irregular symmetry flower
    cannot cut in half equally at all points
  28. Single flower...
    less efficient

  29. Inflorescence..
    more efficient

    -many flowers clustered together
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