psychology ch.13,14,15

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  1. social support
    resources provided by others in times of need.
  2. coping with stress
    ways in which we try to change our circumstances, or interpretations of circumstances, to make them more favorable and less threatening.
  3. problem-focused coping
    • managing or changing the stressor
    • use if problem seems alterable
    • confrontive coping
    • planful problem solving
  4. emotion-focused coping
    • try to feel better about situation
    • use if problem out of our control
  5. minimizing the effects of stress
    • 1) avoid or minimize the use of stimulants
    • 2) exercise regularly
    • 3) get enough sleep
    • 4) practice a relaxation technique
  6. psychopathology
    scientific study of the origins, symptoms, and development of psychological disorders

    -symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
  7. mental illness and social stigma
    • -may cause some people to avoid seeking help, or deny they are doing so.
    • -negative stereotypes about people with mental illness.
  8. psychological disorder
    (mental disorder) a pattern of behavioral and psychological symptoms that causes significant personal distress, impairs the ability to function in one or more important areas of daily life, or both
  9. DMS
    • the bible of mental disorders
    • -provides a common language to label mental disorders
    • - comprehensive guidelins to help diagnose mental disorders
    • -it is one tool of many a psychologist will use
  10. DSM Axis's
    study slide 6 ch. 14
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