College Comp II Quiz

  1. Persuasion
    The act of convincing someone to accept your idea or opinion.
  2. Argument
    A process of persuasion that relies on reason and logic.
  3. Assumption
    An unexamined belief.
  4. Assertion
    A positive, often emphatic statement made without reliance on evidence or reason.
  5. Premise
    An assertion offered as a position in an argument.
  6. Claim
    The assertion being offered in an argument.
  7. Inductive Reasoning
    A type of reasoning that goes from the specific to the general and essentially involves using examples.
  8. Deductive Reasoning
    A type of reasoning that goes from the general to the specific and relies on a series of statements (reasons) leading to a conclusion.
  9. Stipulation
    An agreed upon definition or fact to help determine the outcome of an argument.
  10. Soundness
    The required condition met in an argument when the form is valid (logically correct) and the premises are true.
  11. Rebuttal
    An exception to a claim.
  12. Hypothetical
    A made-up example used in argumentation to extract and test the logical or empirical consequences of a course of action.
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College Comp II Quiz
College Comp II Quiz