19th Century History 2

  1. Battle of Little Big Horn, General dead
    George Custer
  2. Captured in Spain, politician
    William Marcy "Boss" Tweed
  3. Pocket Manuel of Rules and Order for Deliberative Assembles
    Henry Robert
  4. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
    Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens
  5. Solar spectrum picture
    John William Draper
  6. Memograph device
    Thomas Edison
  7. Central Park completed
    Frederick Law Olmsted
  8. Patented Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell
  9. Polo
    James Gordon Bennet publisher if New York Herald
  10. 100 yard race was run in 10 seconds
    Horace H. Lee
  11. These Indiands went to war with the US How did it end, who were they?
    Nez Perce', captured Chief Joseph
  12. Phonograph invented
    Thomas Edison
  13. Changed the newspaper business, bought the St. Loius Dispatch and started to make money
    Joseph Pulitzer
  14. First Labor union to attempt to organize labors
    Knights of Labor
  15. First Electric Light Company
    Edison Light Company
  16. First one of these was just a converted railroad structure
    Madison Square Garden
  17. Daisy Miller
    Henry James
  18. First five and dime store in Lancaster PA
    Frank W. Woolworth
  19. First public street lighting system in the US was installed in Cleveland by
    Charles F. Brush
  20. The Church of Christ, Scientist was organized by
    Mary Baker Eddy
  21. Destined to become the most comprehensive art museum in the US and one of the great museums of the world
    Metropolitan art
  22. Ben-Hur
    Lew Wallis
  23. Made its debut in the US, energetic and philanthropic organizations in the world
    Salvation Army, William Booth
  24. Roll film for cameras was patented
    George Eastman
  25. This man invented the medicine ball
    William Muldoon, westler
  26. law of 1862 was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court in the case of Springer v. US
    federal income tax law
  27. Founding of an American branch of the Red Cross
    Clara Barton
  28. First central electric power plant
    New York City, Thomas Edison
  29. $3,000,000 house by this guy
    William Kissam Vanderbilt
  30. Red Cross Leader pushed this
    The Geneva Convention
  31. Leader of a Midwest gang that first held up banks, then turned to train robbery
    Jesse James
  32. Law established a 3-man Civil Service Commission and specified rules for filling federal government positions by a merit system
    Pilgrim Act
  33. Marvel of design and engineering that captured the imagination of the public, who designed it, what was it?
    Brooklyn Bridge, John A. Roebling
  34. Highest building the US made of mason, 5 foot thick at base
    Monadack Building
  35. Fountain pen
    Lewis E. Waterman
  36. Wild west guy, had a show toured England and Europe
    William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody.
  37. Designed the Statue of Liberty
    Fre'der'ic Auguste Bartholdi
  38. The Linotype automatic type setting
    Pateneted by Mergenthaler
  39. Declined the offer of the Republican nomination, "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected"
    General William Tecumseh Sherman
  40. Ragtime popular
    Scott Joplin
  41. new law providing that in the event of removal, death, resignation, the heads of the executive departments would succeed the presidency
    Presidential Succession Act
  42. Apache raider
  43. growth of labor moevemnt by this development
    American federation of Labor
  44. First president of the AFL was
    Samuel Gompers
  45. Clean cheap process for extracting Aluminium
    Charles Marin Hall
  46. Held in Pasadena Ca
    Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day
  47. Set up by the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887
    Interstate Commerce Commission
  48. Called for the establishment of an agricultural research and experiment station in each state with a land grant college
    Hatch Act
  49. First true Gold Club
    Foxbury Gold Club
  50. American composer of the period, choral work The Wreck of the Hesperus
    Arthur William Foot
  51. Began to put elecricity to practical use, inventing alternatin current motor
    Nikola Tesla
  52. Introduced the Kodak
    George Eastman
  53. First electric automobile
    Philip Pratt
  54. owner of the Ladies Home Journal, civic affaris, social ills
    introduced by Edward W. Bok
  55. Movement, worked to ablosh child labor, secure better working conditions for women
    social gospel
  56. famous how established in clum in chicago by whom
    "Whole House" Jane Addams
  57. Move film developed
    Thomas Edison
  58. Around the world exploaration, 72 days
    Nelly Bly (Elizabeth Seaman)
  59. chief of the Sioux Indians was killed
    Sitting Bull
  60. Wainwright building architect
    Loius Sullivan
  61. created a monoply organized by James Buchanan Duke
    Formation of the American Tobbaco Company
  62. First Electricution
    William Kemmler
  63. gave Briish, French, Belgian and Swiss authors copyright protection in the US
    Internation Copyright Act
  64. The People's was launched in Ohio
    Populous Party
  65. Apperance for the last time of Hamlet, scandel etc.
    Edmund Booth
  66. Basketball was invented
    James Naismith
  67. Receiving station for immigrants
    Ellis Island
  68. Man's first designed home, Charnley House
    Frank Lloyd Wright
  69. Carnegie Steel Company
    Homestead Strike
  70. Gas powered Automobile
    Charles and Frank Duryea
  71. Designed wheel, columbia exposition
    George w.g. Ferris
  72. Steel industry declined, banking system was strained to the limit
    Financial panic of 93
  73. "The significane of the Frontier in American History"
    Frederick Jackson Turner
  74. Zipper of slide fasterner
    Whitcomb L. Judson
  75. Gilded Age known as whay
    Age of Railroad
  76. Slim waisted, broad shoulder, modern american presented by
    Charles Gibson
  77. declared constiutional by the Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson which advanced the seperate but equal doctrine, Supreme Court reversed this doctrine in civil rights decision on May 17th 1954
    Jim Crow Law
  78. New Form of American Humor and journalism
    Yellow kid journalism
  79. 5 day western show
    Frontier Dayy
  80. First Boston Marathon winner
    John J. McDermott
  81. US battleship exploded in Havana harbore
  82. decisevely defeated a larger but ougunned and under prepared Spanish Ship
    Battile of Manilla Bay, Commodore George Dewey
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