Med term 2

  1. Graves' Disease is AKA
  2. The inability to sleep is often caused by the last of the Pineal Gland to secrete
  3. The parathyroid glad produces para/thormone, which regulate body calcium blood levels and prevents
    tetany or muscle spasms
  4. Dr. Andrew Weil, recommends we stimulate the _______ Gland (Master gland of immune system) with deep breathing exercises
  5. The term Hypo/glyc/emia literally means
    low or below/sugar levels/blood-tired and fatigued
  6. the prefixes e-, ec-, ecto-, ex-, and exo-, all mean
    out or outside
  7. The medical term Endo/crin/olog/ist actually means
    specialist in the science and stufy of glands of internal secretion (into the blood stream)
  8. the term given to substances secreted by Endo/crine (within blood/ secret) glands that means to urge on is
  9. The condition resulting in muscle spasms (poor nerve communications) due to an abnormally low concentration of calcium in the blood is:
    tetany-tension of muscle
  10. The lack of ____ can cause premature aging
    Human growth hormone "HGH"
  11. The patient underwent a (TURP, TURB, LEEP) procedure to remove a tumor from her bladder.
  12. although her cancer could not be cured, Mrs. Johnson underwent (reconstructive, debulking, palliative) surgery to relieve her pain and symptoms
  13. The patient is a 51-year-old woman with recently diagnosed colon cancer who recently underwent a subtotal (colectomy, iridectomy, myomectomy)
  14. The patient had a (billroth, whiple, mohs) operation to stop the spread of cancer to various digestive organs and lymph nodes.
  15. Mr. McDowell has no bone pain since his (thyroidectomy, limb salvage surgery, craniectomy) for metastic cancer of the fumur.
    Limb salvage surgery
  16. Mrs. Elias was scheduled fro a (thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, transsphenoidal resection) for removal of a pituitary adenoma.
    transsphenoidal resection
  17. The surgeon performed a (pneumonectomy, wedge resection, lobectomy) to remove the small tumor located in the lobe of the patient’s lung.
    wedge resection
  18. Because of the malignant nature of Mrs. Harmon’s cancer, the surgeon removed the breast as well as the underlying muscles and lymph nodes in the adjacent armpit; this procedure is known as (simple, modified radical, radical) mastectomy.
  19. The patient underwent (wedge resection, transsphenoidal resection, stereotactic radiosurgery) to treat his brain tumor.
    steriotactic radiosurgery
  20. Mr. O’Malley had small pellets of radioactive material applied directly to a cancer lesion during a procedure call (radiation therapy, reconstructive surgery, brachytherapy).
  21. pneumonectomy
    term meaning:
    • pneumon/o -ectomy
    • meanings: lung excision, surgical removal
    • term meaning: excision of the lung
  22. colectomy
    term meaning:
    • col/o -ectomy
    • colon excision, surgical removal
    • excision of (all or part of) colon
  23. cystectomy
    term meaning:
    • cyst/o -ectomy
    • bladdar excision, surgical removal of
    • excision of the bladder
  24. thyroidectomy
    • thyroid/o -ectomy
    • thyroid gland
  25. laryngectomy
    • laryng/o -ectomy
    • larynx
    • excision of (all or part of) larynx
  26. iridectomy
    • irid/o
    • iris
    • excision of (part of) the iris
  27. craniectomy
    • crani/o
    • skull
    • excision of (part of) the cranium
  28. GIST
    Gastrointestinal stromal tumor
  29. DCIS
    Ductal carcinoma in situ
  30. TURP
    Transurethral resection of prostate
  31. HIDA
    Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acit
  32. BMT
    bone marrow transplant
  33. RFA
    Radiofrequency ablation
  34. TRUS
    transrectal ultrasound
  35. EGFRs
    epidermal growth factor receptors
  36. MRCP
    Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography
  37. EUS
    endoscopic ultrasound
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