Ergo Disease

  1. Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)
    Lesions of muscle and/or tendons and/or fascia and/or nerves generally caused by incorrect biomechanical utilization of the upper limbs, resulting in pain, fatigue, decrease of performance, temp or permanent incapacity sometimes associated with aggravated physical factors
  2. Define Tendon:
    Connects muscle to bone
  3. Define Tendonitis:
    inflammation of the tendon
  4. Define Tenosynovitis:
    inflammation of the synovial membrane of the tendon sheath
  5. Define: Strains
    • Injury to muscle or tendon
    • inflammation of a tendon sheath -- compression with surrounding tissue
    • Bursa prevents rubbing muscle against bone
    • irritation causes inflammation reducing range of motion
  6. Define: sprains
    • ligament stretch beyond regular range of motion
    • usually single trauma
  7. Define Nerve Compression
    • repeated or sustained pressure
    • bones, ligaments and tendon
    • workstations & tools
    • swelling of other structures
  8. define Blood Vessel Compression
    • arteries (reduced blood flow & oxygen supply)
    • Vasucular (ischemia - limits muscle activity and recovery from fatigue)
    • Usually neck, shoulder & u. arms
  9. Define Bursae
    Provides frictionless surface for multiple muscles to move upon each other. If it breaks, you experience extreme pain
  10. What is the median nerve:
    • innervates fingers 1-IV & fingertips on back of hand
    • innervates thenar (thumb) muscle
  11. Define Carpal tunnel:
    opening into hand comprising the bone of the wrist on the bottom & the transverse carpal ligament on the top
  12. Which tendon move fingers on hand?
    Flexor tendon
  13. Define DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis
    Tendon and tenosynovium become inflamed above thumb
  14. Define Guyon's Canal Syndrome:
    Nerve compression affecting ulnar nerve as it passes through tunnel in wrist
  15. Causes of Guyon's syndrome:
    • overuse of wrist - wrist bending down (flexing) and out
    • constant pressure on the palm
  16. Define Trigger Finger:
    • affencts tendon flexion of fingers & thumb towards the hand
    • tendons are held to the bone by ligaments (pulleys)
    • Ligaments form an arch (tunnel on top of bone
  17. Causes of Trigger Finger
    • Thickening of tendon forming a nodule
    • maybe thickening of pulley ligament
    • swelling of tendon in area due to constant friction
    • pistol grip power tools, long grasping of steering wheel
  18. Define Intersection Syndrome:
    • Affects the thumb side of the forearm where 2 muscles 9thumb abductors & wrist extensor) intersect (cross over) two underlying tendons
    • irritation with bursae
  19. Causes of intersection syndrome:
    • wringing, grasping, turning & twisting motion
    • rubbing of tendons - irritation
  20. Define Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
    • affect ulnar nerve as it crosses elbow
    • much like hitting funny bone
  21. Causes of cubital tunnel syndrome:
    • frequent bending of elbow
    • pulling levers, reaching lifting
    • leaning on elbow (driving for long period)
    • direct blow to the area
  22. Define Impingement Syndome:
    • shoulder presents a complex anatomy & range of motion
    • often shoulder problems are diagnosed as bursitis
    • there are many causes of bursitis - impingement being one
  23. Casuses of
  24. Causes of impingement Syndome
    • rubbing of tendon and bursae between the tendon and acromion when arm is raised
    • causing a pinching action - impingement
    • bone spur can further reduce the space between the acromion & rotator cuff
  25. Define thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Condition affects shoulder, arm and hand
    • usually diagnosed as a matter od deduction
    • Thoracic outlet: area where nerve and vessels leave the neck between the two scalene muscle and over the first rib
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