Kolb's Learning Styles

  1. What are four learning style types from top right quadrant, clockwise?
    • Diverging
    • Assimilating
    • Converging
    • Accommodating
  2. What are characteristics of diverging learning style type?
    • Sees relationships
    • Looks for alternatives
    • Attempts to discover meaning and value
    • Orients on feelings
  3. What are characteristics of assimilating learning style type?
    • Creates theoritical learning models
    • Reasons inductively (from specific to general)
    • Is concerned with ideas rather than people
    • Thinks quietly
  4. What are characteristics of converging learning style type?
    • Develops practical application
    • Reasons deductively (from general to specific)
    • Prefers technical rather than interpersonal tasks
    • Solves specific problems
  5. What are characteristics of accommodating learning style type?
    • Does things
    • Adapts to changes
    • Tends to be impatient
    • Relies on others
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