Med Surg Final Exam

  1. The Pons?
    Known as "Bridge"
  2. The Vagus Nerve?
    Supplies most organs in the Thoracic & Abdominal cavity
  3. Nursing interventions for reducing pressure to a head injury with s/s of ICP?
    Place neck in neutral position to promote venous drainage
  4. What type of questions would you ask a patient with neurological problems?
    "Can you describe" open ended questions
  5. What is most significant s/s of ICP?
    Increased cranial pressure, Decrease in level of conciousness
  6. If a patient has ICP or suspected ICP, what test SHOULD NOT BE DONE?
    Lumbar Puncture
  7. The Patient's inability to assess spatial position of his/her body?
  8. If a patient is having a myelogram to confirm presence of herniated intervertebral disk, what should be asked of the patient prior to testing?
    Obtain allergy history before procedure
  9. A patient has trouble with choking when drinking thin fluids. What interventions would be helpful to instruct the patient to do when swallowing?
    Tuck chin when swallowing
  10. Nursing interventions following a craniotomy to prevent ICP?
    Elevate head of the bed to atleast 30 degrees
  11. The sleeping of long periods post seizure activity would be termed___________ ___________ period?
    Postictal Period
  12. What are agnosia, apraxia, aphasia,and dysphagia? Focus on Agnosia
    Total or partial loss of ability to recognize familiar objects
  13. Describe the symptoms of migraines?
    Unusual smells or sounds before pain begins
  14. Prior to CT with contrast, Assess?
    Ask about allergies
  15. Glascow coma scale assesses LOC in 3 major areas. They are?
    Eye, Motor, Verbal
  16. Craniocerebral trauma may not exhibit s/s until?
    Several days after the trauma
  17. Autonomic dysreflexia s/s are triggered by?
    Bladder Distention
  18. The first assessment to be performed to a patient hitting their head and falling to ground unconscious would be?
    Patency airway
  19. What is MS?
    Results from demylination of Nerve Sheath
  20. S/S of the characteristics of Parkinsons?
    Mask face, propulsive gate, muscle rigidity
  21. Plan care for a patient with aphasia?
    Be very considerate of the type of aphasia & adapt communication accordingly
  22. Describe care for a patient with seizures?
    Be certain padded siderails are present
  23. If a patient has right side hemiplegia, what side would you approach the patient?
    Approach from the Left side
  24. Describe care for a patient with head injury that has drainage from the nose and ears?
    Wipe, don't blow, or place anything in the ear
  25. What is Guillain Barre' Syndrome? What would a nurse monitor closely?
  26. To reduce a risk of being infected with West Nile Virus you should?
    Wear Bug spray that contains DEET
  27. What is LP(lumbar puncture) and why is it performed?
    To relieve Cerebral Spinal Fluid
  28. Can you teach an old dog new tricks, or and older aldult new skills?
  29. What is MG (myasthenis gravis)?
    Autoimmune disorder, fluctuating weakness of certain muscle groups
  30. Best nursing intervention for restless patient with a head injury would be:
    Position, pain or need to empty bladder
  31. What clinical malifestations might you see with Bell's palsy?
    Inflammation of 7th cranial nerve, numbness, stiffness, drowning sensation of the face, unilateral weakness of face.
  32. Earliest sign of ICP?
    Change in level of conciousness
  33. Therapeutic measure to reduce increased ICP?
    Elevate head 30-40 degrees to promote venous return, place neck in neutral position
  34. What foods could make a headache worse?
    Vinegar, chocolate, yogurt, cured sandwich meat, caffeine, pork, alcohol, fermented or marinated foods, ripened cheese
  35. Components of Cushing's?
    Widened pulse pressure, increased systolic BP, bradycardia
  36. Nursing measures needed to feed a Hemiplegic patient:
    • - check affected side of mouth for accumulation of food and results in poor hygiene
    • - Dont mix liquid and solid food
    • - Encourage Pt. to take small bites- Add THICK IT
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