Immunology Ch. 12

  1. Cytokines: produced and secreted by
    • Leukocytes - monocytes and macrophages
    • Lymphocytes
  2. Cytokines - induction and regulation of cellular interactions
    • Immune cells
    • Inflammatory response
    • Hematopoeitc cells
  3. Autocrine
    Acts on same cell that secreted it
  4. Endocrine
    Acts on a cell far away
  5. Paracrine
    Acts on a cell nearby
  6. Cytokines: pleiotropic
    Multiple effects
  7. Cytokines: redundant
    Different cytokines with same/simlar functions
  8. Cytokines: synergistic
    Combined activity of both is greater (an additive effect)
  9. Cytokines: antagonistic
    Activiy of one cytokine inhibits the activity of another
  10. Coordinated panel of proteins
    Regulate each other or work together to regulate other components
  11. Interons alpha, beta, gamma: function
    • Inhibit viral replication
    • Increase MHCI expression
    • Activates NKCs
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