AP History terms 1461-1490

  1. civil rights act 1968
    equal oppurtunity housing
  2. geography north and south vietnam
    split at 17th parallel
  3. ho chi minh
    leader of north vietnamese
  4. viet cong
    guerilla fighters on the communist side
  5. dien bien phu
    viet minh surrounded and destroyed the french fortress
  6. geneva conference 1954
    divided vietnam at 17th, minh in the north, diem in the south.
  7. NLF
    official title of viet cong
  8. gulf of tonkin resolution
    gave president powerr to send troops to vietnam
  9. DMZ
    aree both militaries have to stay out of as buffer
  10. domino theory
    if one country fell to communism, others could
  11. tet offensive
    viet cong attacked capitals and even took the embassy
  12. kent state incident
    national gaurdsmen opened fire on vietnam protesters
  13. daniel ellsberg
    pentagon papers were top secret study of vietnam war, government had lied to citizens
  14. my lai, lt. Calley
    american unit destroyed my lai village
  15. hanoi, haiphong
    declaration of independence by vietnamese
  16. senator fullbright
    anti vietnam war
  17. bombing of laos and cambodia
    US bombed NV in cambodia and laos
  18. vietnamization
    effort to build south vietnamese troops while withdrawing americans
  19. paris accord
    signed peace treaty with NV, NV attacked, breaking the treaty
  20. election of 1960, "missile gap"
    kennedy, dem, won over nixon, rep, and byrd, ind. missile gap issue was claim that USSR had more missiles
  21. impeach earl warren
    he used the courts authority to support civil rights and individual liberties
  22. miranda decision, escobedo decision
    right to remain silent, right to assert the rights at any time
  23. baker v. carr
    one person, one vote. must be at state and national levels
  24. gideon v. wainwright
    all defendants in serious criminal cases entitled to legal counsel
  25. rachel carson, silent spring*
    about ddt effects
  26. new fronteir *
    kennedys expansion of space porgram
  27. kennedy and steel price rollback
    kennedy angry for cutting wages and raising prices, activated antitrust laws and FBI
  28. peace corps, vista
    developed under kennedy, desinged to teach third world countries how to improve life
  29. berlin wall
    soviet union erect the wall between east and west berlin
  30. common market
    name for european economic community
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