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  1. "head" of the quadratus labii superioris
    • Common elevator
    • Levator labii superioris muscle
  2. risorius muscle
    superficial muscle of cheek
  3. facial muscle also known as the "laughing or smiling muscle"
    zygomatic major
  4. muscle, by action, produces furrows between eyebrows
    • corrugator
    • procerus
  5. muscles of mastication
    • masseter
    • temporalis
  6. muscle of the neck
    • platysma
    • digastricus
  7. muscle of the eye
    • orbicularis oculi
    • levator palpebrae superioris
  8. short, broad, flattened nose
  9. long, high-bridged nose
  10. NOT dehydrating agent
    sodium hypochlorite
  11. complete exhaustion of moisture from tissue
  12. cosmetic color should be used to raise the value of an applied complexion colorant
  13. NOT a recommended method of attachment and support for restored ear
    cotton and liquid sealer
  14. lip wax is most adhesive
  15. equal mixture of two primary hues will create..
    binary hue
  16. can be used to retard the setting time of plaster of Paris solution
    cold water
  17. can be used to sear deep tissues
  18. angular depression formed be the posterior border of the nasal wing and cheek
    nasal sulcus
  19. an acquired facial marking
    transverse frontal sulci
  20. nasal profile, hump along its anterior ridge
  21. leptorrhine nasal index
  22. nasal index, broad and short, possessing minimum projection at the bridge
  23. beginning of the outer rim of the ear
  24. large, rounded protuberance found posterior and inferior to mass of the ear
    mastoid process
  25. bony landmark of the temporal bone located superior and anterior to the ear passage
    zygomatic arch
  26. bones creating the inferior portion of the sides of the head
    temporal bones
  27. how many intermediate pigmentary hues can be found on outermost ring of the Prang Color Wheel
  28. How many standard pigmentary hues can be found on the outermost ring of the Prang Color Wheel
  29. part of the eye inclines superiorly and convexly from the line of eye closure
    superior palpebra
  30. part of eye that recedes convexly and inferiorly from the line of eye closure
    inferior palpebra
  31. tip of nose is the most anterior part of the..
    protruding lobe
  32. concave arc located along the inferior margin of the nasal wing
    arch of the wing
  33. nasal profile form exhibits a convexity in the expressed linear form of the dorsum
  34. nasal profile form exhibits a concavity in the expressed linear form of the dorsum
  35. rim of the ear that resembles a question mark
  36. small shallow depression between the crura of the antihelix
    triangular fossa
  37. opening found between the tragus and the antitragus
    intertragic notch
  38. arc-shaped furrow at the junction of the lower lip and chin
    labiomental sulcus
  39. dipping furrows of the neck
    platysmal sulci
  40. furrow developing at the upper border of the upper eyelid created by the opening and closing of the eye
    superior palpebral sulcus
  41. horizontal or vertical furrows created when the medial ends of the eyebrows are lowered
    interciliary sulci
  42. furrow found at the lower border of the lower eyelid
    inferior palpebral sulcus
  43. shallow curving groove beginning below the inner canthus of they eye that extends downward and laterally onto the face
    oblique palpebral sulcus
  44. small convex prominence located just lateral to the end of the line of mouth closure
    angulus oris eminence
  45. small triangular area found between the posterior margin of the nasal wing and the superior protion of the nasolabial fold
    nasal sulcus
  46. fearure of the face, one-half the width of the mouth
  47. natural variation of basic complexion coloring
  48. attachment method affords the strongest bond and is recommended for the application of long, dense, or more extensive hair restorations
  49. materials or techniques is suggested for all shor hair and hairline restorations
  50. sunken supraorbital area can be restored to natural form and projection by the injection of tissue builder through which point of entry
    several punctures in eyebrow
  51. wrinkled eyelids can be restored to natural appearance by...
    waxing followed by surface application of cosmetics
  52. quality restorative wax should...
    not be adversely affected by the presence of embalming chemicals
  53. minor horizontal tracings found on both upper and lower eyelids that fan from each corner of the eye
    linear sulci
  54. depression above the medial portion of the superior palpebra
    naso-orbital fossa
  55. visible reddish protion of each lip
    mucous membrane
  56. superficial partition between the nostrils that creates the most inferior part of the nose
    columna nasi
  57. most shallow depression of the ear
  58. vertical furrows of the lips that extend from the mucous membranes into the integumentary lips
    labial sulci
  59. triangular or oblique groove found at each end of the line of mouth closure
    angulus oris sulcus
  60. acquired facial markings located between the eyebrows
    interciliary sulci
  61. acquired furrows that radiate from the lateral coner of the eye into the side of the face
    optic facial sulci
  62. furrow originates at the superior margin of the nasal wing and extends to the approximate level of the line of mouth closure
    nasolabial sulcus
  63. bony eminences found directly superior to the medial portion of the eyebrows
    superciliary arches
  64. sharp bony projection found along the inferior margin of the nasal cavity at the median line
    nasal spine of maxilla
  65. dome-like structure found over the upper part of the nasal cavity created by the articulation of the nasal bones
    bridge of the nose
  66. muscle of the nose
  67. external bone of face
  68. external bone of face
  69. anatomical structure can be used to determine the proper angle of a restored car
    posterior margin of ramus
  70. transverse frontal sulci are usually deepest near..
  71. in youth, shape of angulus oris sulcus
  72. from the profile, structure of nose lies at right angle to the upper lip
    columna nasi
  73. most common characteristics of the face of a facial feature
  74. wrinkled eyelids caused by reduction of swelling can be corrected by..
    application of heat from electric spatula
  75. depression marks the measurement of the central one-third of the ear's length
  76. helix and antihelix of the ear are separated by long shallow depression known as..
  77. protruding ridge of the nose that extends from the root of the nose to the protruding lobe
  78. bony structure divides the length of the ear into halves
    zygomatic arch
  79. how much larger is the superior palpebra than the inferior palpebra
    three times larger
  80. normal direction of growth of the supercilium
    laterally upward and outward
  81. location of the superior border of the chin when measured from the eyebrows to the base of the chin
  82. base of the nose found when measured from the normal hairline to the base of the chin
  83. when measured from the normal hairline to the base of the chin, what is the location of the eyebrows
  84. if one hue in complementary color scheme is orange, the remaining hue would be..
  85. in a warm environment, which restorative wax is recommended for surface restorations
    medium consistancy
  86. Plaster of Paris will set slowly if mixed with
    cold vinegar water
  87. Plaster of Paris will set quickly if mixed with
    warm salt water
  88. surfaces that do not exhibit similarity in their bilateral curvatures
    submandibular area
  89. anterior "non-articulating" process on the ramus of the mandible
    coronoid process
  90. mastoid process is bony landmark of..
    temporal bone
  91. bony structures that create the widest part of the face
    zygomatic arches
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