General Marketing Associate

  1. In order to create new and better goods and services for consumers, socially responsible businesses often

    C. engage in research and developmental activities
  2. In order to determine how much money a business receives and pays out to others, the business would consult its ______ records.

    B. accounting
  3. Which of the following marketing functions helps marketers decide whom to sell to:

    B. Marketing-information management
  4. What is the process of buying goods and raw materials for internal consumption or for conversion into a final product?

    C. Industrial Purchasing
  5. One of the main purposes of industrial buying is to acquire goods and services to use in

    D. operating the business
  6. Which of the following do NOT make regular use of the accounting information of a business:

    D. Customers
  7. A business estimates that its cash flow from sales during the coming season will be higher than for the same period last year, based on last year's financial information and

    D. industry trends
  8. What might a business decide that it needs to do after comparing the categories in its profit-and-loss statement?

    C. Increase revenues
  9. Coordinating a business a business's activities so that they will be done in an efficient, orderly manner is the management function of

    B. organizing
  10. What might result if a business's merchandising budget called for purchasing more goods than customers wanted?

    B. increased costs
  11. What is an advantage of a sole proprietorship?

    C. Pride of ownership
  12. The production activity that obtains all the resources needed in order for production to take place is

    B. purchasing
  13. Businesses are able to purchase insurance to protect them from losses that may result from which of the following types of risk:

    B. accidental
  14. Economics involves decision making because most individuals must determine

    C. how to get the most with the least
  15. A store sells T-shirts for $10. Which of the following would be the most likely to occur if all other factors remain the same and there is a demand for the T-shirts at $10

    B. If the price is lowered, the volume of sales will go up
  16. One of the functions of the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC) is to protect

    A. against unfair methods of competition
  17. When a new product on the market reduces sales of your company's product, your company is experiencing economic risk caused by

    C. the efforts of competitors
  18. Which of the following is a way that the productivity of an individual worker can be measured:

    A. By dividing the number of customers served by the number of hours an employee worked
  19. Which of the following represents the principal goal of organized labor in the United States:

    D. Collective bargaining
  20. Which of the following would provide you with information about the health of the U.S. economy:

    A. Gross domestic product
  21. The low point of an economic activity occurs during which phase of the business cycle?

    C. Trough
  22. A country imports goods and services from other countries in order to

    C. satisfy domestic wants and needs
  23. Which of the following may be a disadvantage to businesses of obtaining financing:

    B. High interest rates
  24. Which of the following is one way that businesses use marketing information:

    D. To determine what consumers want
  25. A basic requirement of a marketing-information management system is that it should

    D. handle whatever amount of information the business needs
  26. Marketers sometimes choose to use secondary marketing data rather than primary data because secondary data are ____ than primary data.

    C. less expensive to obtain
  27. Why must the data collected in marketing research be analyzed?

    B. To make them useful to a business
  28. One of the main advantages to a business of using a database to organize and store marketing data is that the information can be

    A. arranged in various categories
  29. Which of the following should business employees take into consideration when writing marketing reports:

    A. Intended Audience
  30. Which of the following is a consideration in the place element of marketing:

    C. Choosing distribution channels
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