Biology 1001

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  1. What is it called when DNA copies itself
  2. What happens during replication
    2 strans of DNA sepreate from each other and and Duplicate and pair up with DNA pairs
  3. What turns DNA to MRNA
  4. What happens during Transcription
    DNA spilts up and leaves the nucleaous and then pairs with RNA which makes MRNA
  5. What is Translation
    MRNA to protein
  6. What is a chrp,psp,e
    1 chain of DNA from a parent
  7. What is a chromatin
    Mess of Chromosomes jumbled together
  8. What is a Chromatid
    Each indivaual copy is a Chromatid but together they are 1 chromosome with 2 chromatid
  9. What a chromatids spilt how many chromatids and chromosomes do you have called
    2 chromosomes with 1 chromitid
  10. How many Chromosomes do people have
    • 46
    • 23 from mother 23 from father
  11. What is zyyote
    the product of frelazation from two gamete
  12. Whats a gamete
    Either spem or egg cell with 23 choromose, they both bond together to make a zygote with 46 chromosomes
  13. A diploid is how many chromosome
  14. A haploid is how many chromosomes
  15. Zn =
    n =
    • 46
    • and
    • 23
  16. Gametes can only be ______ or ______
    Sperm or egg
  17. What happens during Mitosis
    • The cell is splitting to form a copy of itself
    • 46chomores(Zygote) --> (2n)(2n) --> keeps going to make thousands
  19. Cells defrnatine into body parts
  20. Product of mitosis
    • Body parts
    • Germ Cells
  21. Where Germ cells are found
    Penis and virgina (2n)
  22. Two things Germ cells can do
    undergo mitosis and produced more germ cells or undergo meiosis
  23. Why do Germ cells undergo meiosis
    to produce gemtes
  24. How many cells does meiosis produce in the END results
    produced 4 cells that each have half the number of chromosomes in it called haploids
  25. Where does meiosis take place
    In the sexual organs either penis or virgina
  26. Only changes or mutations in ____ cells or during he process of ____ can be passed on to your child
    • Germ
    • Meiosis
  27. Only cells that are haploid are ________ and _______
    overay and sperm
  28. All cells are diploid execpt _______ and ______
    sperm and overies
  29. Start with 1 diploid and end with two because they duplicate
  30. Examples of Metotsis in the body
    Skin cell and hair cells
  31. purpose of Meiosis in Germ cells
    to produe gameies for sexual reproducation
  32. Cells spend most of theri time in which phase
    Innter phase
  33. What 2 things happen in the Sphase of inner phase
    • Centrodomes replicate
    • Chromatid are in the unwound state of chromosomes
  34. What are hymologous
    Pairs that are not indential but code from some genes
  35. Mitosis phases are
    • Prophase
    • metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telephase
  36. Miosis phase are
    • P1
    • M1
    • A1
    • T1
    • and
    • P2
    • M2
    • A2
    • T2
  37. What happens in prophase 1
    • 1.)Nuclear envelope starts to disapprear
    • 2.)Cetrosomes state facilting development of spindles and push them apart going int oppoise sides of
    • Chromosome
    • 3.)duplicate chromosomes apprear
    • 4.)Chromatide come ogether and line up together then cross over and share genes
  38. Happens in all cells except sex cells
  39. Meiosis Happens in
    Sex cells online AKA Gamentes
  40. When DNA is shurnk
  41. DNA streched out ( DNA+ Structured proteins)
  42. DNA wraps around proteins called________
  43. Chromosome attach at the _________
  44. Replication of the neclous into 2 new necleouse
  45. Stage before mitosis
  46. Centrosome is mad up of
  47. 1 stage of mitosis is
  48. Stage in Mitosis where neclear envelope starts to disappear
  49. When you have 2 copies of your mom and dad chromosomes which is 4 chromatids
  50. Phase in Meiosis were hymologous pair line up
    Prophase 1
  51. Stage in Meiosis were neclouse evelope is gone and spidle fiber attach to centromere and pull apart sister chromatid
    Metaphase 1
  52. Phase in meiosis were hymolgus pair is being pulled apart
    Anaphase 1
  53. Phase in meiosis were nucleouse evelpe beings to come back
    Telephase 1
  54. During which phase of meiosis does crossing-over occur
    Prophase 1
  55. during which phase of meiosis do homologous chromosomes separate
    Anaphase 1
  56. Crossing-over occurs between
    Nonsister chromatids od a bivaent
  57. A bivalent is
    the paired homologous chromosomes
  58. In meiosis if the parent cell has 8 chromosomes each daughter cell will have?
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