1. Saint Charles Square
    Ladbroke Grove W10
  2. Portobello Road
    Pembridge Road/Telford Road W10
  3. Portobello Market
    Portobello Road W10
  4. Kensal Road
    Ladbroke Grove/Golborne Road W10
  5. Latimer Road
    Oxford Gardens/North Pole Road W10
  6. Mile End Hospital
    Bancroft Road E1
  7. London Independent Hospital
    Beaumont Square E1
  8. Shadwell Station
    Cable Street E1
  9. Albert Gardens
    Commercial Road E1
  10. Gunmakers Hall
    Commercial Road E1
  11. Arbour Square
    Commercial Road E1
  12. Archers PH 42
    Osborn Street E1
  13. Sonali Bank 29
    Osborn Street E1
  14. City Hotel 12
    Osborn Street E1
  15. Kapok Tree Restaurant 12
    Osborn Street E1
  16. Brick Lane
    Osborn Street/Swanfield Street E1
  17. Vibe Bar
    Brick Lane E1
  18. 93 Feet East Club
    Brick Lane E1
  19. Queen Mary & Westfield College E1
    Mile End Road E1
  20. Stepney Green Station
    Mile End Road E1
  21. News International 1
    Pennington Street/Lve By Virginia Street
  22. Tobacco Dock
    Pennington Street E1
  23. Saint Georges Baths
    The Highway E1
  24. Holiday inn Express E1
    The Highway E1
  25. Guoman Tower Hotel
    Saint Katharine�s Way E1
  26. Wapping Station
    Wapping High Street E1
  27. Wapping Police Station
    Wapping High Street E1
  28. Town of Ramsgate PH 2
    Wapping High Street E1
  29. Wapping Stairs
    Wapping High Street E1
  30. Captain Kidd PH
    Wapping High Street
  31. Prospect of Whitby PH 57
    Wapping Wall E1
  32. Glamis Road
    Wapping Wall/Cable Street E1
  33. Thomas More Square
    Vaughan Way E1
  34. Tottenham Town Hall
    Town Hall Approach Road
  35. Tottenham Leusire Centre
    Town Hall Approach Road
  36. Philip Lane
    Town High Toad/Spur Road
  37. Tottenham Hotspur FC
    Bill Nicholson Way
  38. Rectory Road
    Northwald Road/Shacklewell Lane
  39. Hampstead Britania Hotel
    Fellows Road
  40. Hays Galeria
    Tooley Street
  41. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel
    Cadagoan Place
  42. Cadogan Hotel
    Sloane Street
  43. Royal Court Theatre
    Sloane Square
  44. Vincent Square
    Roccester Row/Wallcot Street/Fynes street
  45. Grange Rochester Hotel
    Vane Street
  46. Wellington Hotel
    Vincent Square
  47. Old Royal Horticurtual Hall
    Vincent Square
  48. New Royal Horticurtual Hall
    Greycote Street
  49. Korean Embasy
    Buchingham Gate
  50. Crown Plaza Saint James's
    Buchingham Gate
  51. Taj Hotel
    Buchingham Gate
  52. Swaizland High Comision
    Buchingham Gate
  53. Lime Tree Hotel
    Ebury Street
  54. Belgrave Place
    Chesham Place/Belgrave Square/Eccleston Street
  55. Berkley Hotel
    Wilton Place
  56. Wilton Cresent
    Wilton Place/Motcomb Street/Wilton Terrace
  57. Motcomb Restaurant
    Motcomb Street
  58. Sheraton Park Tower
    In by Sevvile Street Leave By William Street
  59. One 0 One Restaurant
    William Street/Knigthsbridge
  60. Caledonian Club
    Halkin Street
  61. Forbes House
    Halkin Street
  62. Montrose Place
    Halkin Street/Chapel Street
  63. Goat In Boots PH
    Fulham Road
  64. Nikitas Restaurant
    Ifield Road
  65. Chelsea Academy
    Lots Road
  66. Fulham TA Centre
    Fulham High Street
  67. London Regiment TA
    Saint Johns Hill
  68. Exibit Bar
    Balham Station Road
  69. Banana Cabaret
    Bedford Hill
  70. Balham Health Centre
    Bedford Hill
  71. Balham Comunity Centre
    Bedford Hill
  72. Lavish Habit
    Bedford Hill
  73. Harrison's Restaurant
    Bedford Hill
  74. Gazatte
    Balham High Road
  75. Balham & Tooting Sports Club
    Balham High Road
  76. The Clerance
    Balham High Road
  77. Radha Krishna Temple
    Balham High Road
  78. Highgate Place
    Balham Hill
  79. The Avalon
    Balham Hill
  80. The Gateway Hotel
    Balham Hill
  81. Narbornne Avenue
    Clapham Common South Side/Elms Cresent
  82. Clapham Centre
    Elms Road
  83. Lambeth Academy
    Elms Road
  84. Stonehouse Street
    Bromells Road/Clapham High Street
  85. Clapham Lesuire Centre
    Clapham Manor Street/Bycle Mews
  86. The Bread & Roses PH
    Clapham Manor Street
  87. Royal British Legion
    New Kings Road
  88. Gonville Street
    Putney Bridge Aproach/Fulham High Street
  89. Chelsea Guest House
    Wandsworth Road
  90. Lost Theatre
    Wandsworth Road
  91. South Bank Club
    Wandsworth Road
  92. Flash Bar
    Wandsworth Road
  93. Gorning Street
    Bevis Marks/Haundsditch
  94. Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue EC3
    Bevis Marks EC3
  95. City Grange Hotel 8-14
    Coopers Row EC3
  96. Fenchurch Street Station
    Fenchurch Place EC3
  97. East India Arms PH
    Fenchurch Street EC3
  98. Hung Drawn & Quartered PH 27
    Great Tower Street EC3
  99. Bakers Hall
    Harp Lane EC3
  100. Saint Olaves Church 8
    Hart Street EC3
  101. Crutched Friars
    Hart Street/Jewry Street EC3
  102. India Street
    Jewry Street/Minories EC3
  103. House of Fraser EC3
    King William Street EC3
  104. London Metal Exchange
    Leadenhall Street EC3
  105. Revolution Bar EC3 140-144
    Leadenhall Street EC3
  106. Prism Restaurant
    Leadenhall Street EC3
  107. Saint Mary Axe
    Leadenhall Street/Bevis Marks EC3
  108. Lime Street
    Leadenhall Street/Fenchurch Street EC3
  109. Lloyds Building 51
    Lime Street EC3
  110. Northern & Shell Tower EC3
    Lower Thames Street EC3
  111. Sugar Quay
    Lower Thames Street EC3
  112. Tower Hill Cab Rank
    Lower Thames Street EC3
  113. Old Billingsgate Market 13
    Lower Thames Street EC3
  114. Fish Street Hill
    Lower Thames Street/Eastcheap EC3
  115. Daily Express Newspaper 10
    Lower Thames Street/Northern & Shell
  116. Tower Millennium Pier
    Lower Thames Street/Tower Hill EC3
  117. Custom House
    Water Lane/Lower Thames Street EC3
  118. Corn Exchange
    Mark Lane EC3
  119. Dunster Court
    Mincing Lane EC3
  120. Chamberlain Hotel
    Minories EC3
  121. Tower Gateway Station
    Minories EC3
  122. Mary Janes Restaurant 124-127
    Minories EC3
  123. Square Mile Restaurant
    Minories EC3
  124. Mint Hotel Tower of London/Double Tree
    Pepys Street EC3
  125. Novotel Tower Bridge Hotel 10
    Pepys Street EC3
  126. Baltic Exchange
    Saint Mary Axe EC3
  127. Swiss Re Tower (The Gherkin) 30
    Saint Mary Axe/Bury Street EC3
  128. Apex City of London Hotel 1
    Seething Lane EC3
  129. Adenum Restaurant
    Seething Lane EC3
  130. Tower of London
    Tower Hill EC3
  131. Trinity Square
    Tower Hill EC3
  132. Tower Hill Station
    Trinity Square EC3
  133. Merchant Seamens Memorial
    Trinity Square EC3
  134. America Square
    Vine Street/Crosswall EC3
  135. Leadenhall Market
    Whittington Avenue EC3
  136. Clothworkers Hall
    Dunster Court/Mincing Lane EC3
  137. Coopers Hall
    Devinshire Square
  138. Bank Of Ceylon
    Devinshire Square
  139. London Street
    Fenchurch Place/Marklane
  140. New London House
    London Street
  141. Ship Ph
    Hart Street
  142. Mount Eprahim Road
    Woodfield Avenue/Streatham High Road
  143. De Montfort Road
    Mount Eprahim Road/Drewstead Road
  144. Broadlands Avenue
    De Montfort Road/Streatham High Road
  145. Belmont Bowling Club
    Broadlands Avenue
  146. Efra Court
    Brixton Hill
  147. Assembly Hall
    Acre Lane
  148. Document Solution Centre
    Buckner Road
  149. Saltoun Road
    Efra Road/Atlantic Road
  150. Brixton Sports&Social Club
    Coldharbour Lane
  151. Brunswick Park
    St Giles Road
  152. Cottage Green
    Southampton Way/Wells Way
  153. Walworth Academy
    Shornclife Road
  154. Norroy Road
    Charlwood Road/Disareli Road
  155. Augustus Road
    Wibledon Park Road/Sutherland Gove
  156. Saint Cecillia's School
    Sutherland Grove
  157. Whitelands Park
    Whitelands Cresent
  158. Scott Avenu
    Sutherland Grove
  159. Clockhouse Place
    Lytton Grove
  160. Fulham Prep School
    Fulham High Street
  161. Fulham Palace Garden Centre
    Bishops Avenu
  162. Park View Court
    Fulham High Street
  163. Winslow Road
    St Dunstan's Road
  164. Manbre Road
    Wislow Road/Lochaline Stree
  165. Lochaline Street
    Fulham Palace Road
  166. King Henry's Reach
    Manbre Road/Parfrey Street
  167. Thames Wharf Studios
    Rainville Road
  168. Bowfell Road
    Rannoch Road/Rainville Road
  169. Nella Road
    Fulham Palace Road/Rannoch Road
  170. Southern Bell Bar
    Fulham Palace Road
  171. Hamersmith Libarary
    Shephards Bush Road
  172. Jasmine Studios
    Shephards Bush Road
  173. Brooke Green Hotel
    Shephards Bush Road
  174. Los Malinos Tapas Bar
    Shephards Bush Road
  175. Lena Gardens
    Shephards Bush Road
  176. Sulgrave Road
    Shephards Bush Road
  177. Network House
    Arial Way
  178. Arial Way
    Wood Lane/Westcross Route
  179. Depo Road
    Wood Lane
  180. Comedy Cafe
    Rivington Street
  181. Cargo Club
    Rivington Street
  182. Rivington Street
    Curtain Road/Shoreditch High Street
  183. Waterford Road
    Kings Road
  184. Moore Park Road
    Harwood Road/Waterford Road
  185. Mulgrave Road
    Lillie Road
  186. Bramber Road
    Mulgrave Road/Nortend Road
  187. Normand Road
    Greyhound Road
  188. Margravine Road
    St Dunstan's Road/Greyhound Road
  189. Margravine Gardens
    St Dunstan's Road/Gliden Road
  190. Talina Centre
    Bagleys Lane
  191. Fulmead Street
    Bagleys Lane/Imperial Road
  192. Chalk Farm Station
    Adelaide Road NW3
  193. Camden Arts Centre
    Arkwright Road NW3
  194. ASLEF 9
    Arkwright Road NW3
  195. Swiss Cottage Station
    Avenue Road NW3
  196. Tavistock Centre
    Belsize Lane NW3
  197. Belsize Square
    Belsize Park NW3
  198. Millitary Inteligence Battilion
    Fitz John Avenue
  199. De Laszlo House/Dandi Living
    Fitz John Avenue
  200. Northways 76
    College Crescent NW3
  201. Freemasons Arms PH
    Downshire Hill NW3
  202. Hampstead Magistrates Court
    Downshire Hill NW3
  203. Hampstead Theatre
    Eton Avenue NW3
  204. Embassy Theatre
    Eton Avenue NW3
  205. Central School of Speech & Drama
    Eton Avenue NW3
  206. South Hampstead Synagogue
    Eton Road NW3
  207. Secrets 2 Club 309
    Finchley Road NW3
  208. Holiday Inn Express Swiss Cottage
    Finchley Road NW3
  209. Finchley Road Station
    Finchley Road NW3
  210. O2 Centre
    Finchley Road NW3
  211. Finchley Road & Frognal Station
    Finchley Road NW3
  212. Lithos Road
    Finchley Road
  213. Rosemont Gardens
    Lithos Road/Finchley Road
  214. Premier Inn NW3
    Ornan Road
  215. Quality Hotel Hampstead
    Frognal NW3
  216. Frognal
    Frognal Rise/Finchley Road NW3
  217. Fenton House Museum
    Hampstead Grove NW3
  218. Hampstead Station
    Hampstead High Street NW3
  219. Kenwood House
    Hampstead Lane NW3
  220. Spaniards Road
    Hampstead Lane/North End Way NW3
  221. Belsize Park Station
    Haverstock Hill NW3
  222. Englands Lane
    Haverstock Hill NW3
  223. Globe Lawn Tennis Club 190
    Haverstock Hill NW3
  224. Weng Wah House Restaurant 240
    Haverstock Hill NW3
  225. Le Gaffe Hotel 107-111
    Heath Street NW3
  226. Queen Marys Hospital
    Holford Road NW3
  227. Everyman Theatre 5
    Holly Bush Vale NW3
  228. Keats House Museum
    Keats Grove NW3
  229. Quex Road
    Kilburn High Road/West End Lane NW3
  230. Marriott Regents Park Hotel 128
    King Henrys Road NW3
  231. Olave Centre 12
    Lyndhurst Road/Waterhouse Close NW3
  232. YWCA Danish 43
    Maresfield Gardens NW3
  233. Freud Museum 20
    Maresfield Gardens NW3
  234. Duke of Hamilton PH
    New End NW3
  235. Kendalls Hall
    New End NW3
  236. New End Theatre
    New End NW3
  237. Burgh House
    New End Square
  238. New End Square
    New End NW3
  239. Ye Old Bull & Bush PH
    North End Way NW3
  240. Jack Straws Castle
    North End Way NW3
  241. Naked Sausage Restaurant/Kiss The Sky
    Pond Street NW3
  242. Armoury Sports Centre
    Pond Street NW3
  243. Royal Free Hospital
    Pond Street/Rowland Hill Street NW3
  244. Lemonia Restaurant 89
    Regents Park Road NW3
  245. Hampstead Police Station 100
    Rosslyn Hill NW3
  246. Parliament Hill
    South Hill Park NW3
  247. Hampstead Heath Station
    South Hill Park NW3
  248. Magdala PH NW3 2a
    South Hill Park NW3
  249. Whitestone Pond
    West Heath Road NW3
  250. Taplow Tower
    Winchester Road NW3
  251. Alice Model
    Beumont Grove
  252. Maria Terrace
    Beumont Grove/Beumont Square
  253. Limehouse Station
    Bekesbourne Street E14
  254. Silvermans
    Harford Street
  255. Caylay Primary School
    Aston Street
  256. Ibis Hotel E14
    Blackwall Way/Baffin Way E14
  257. Daily Mirror 1
    Canada Square Canary Wharf E14
  258. HSBC Tower
    Canada Square E14
  259. Poplar DLR Station
    Castor Lane E14
  260. Barclays Bank HQ
    Churchill Place E14
  261. Jamies Italian E14
    Churchill Place E14
  262. Asda E14
    East Ferry Road E14
  263. Mudchute Station
    East Ferry Road E14
  264. Inner London Hotel E14 447
    East India Dock Road E14
  265. All Saints Station
    East India Dock Road E14
  266. Poplar Central Mosque
    East India Dock Road E14
  267. Gun PH
    Cold Harbour E14
  268. Radisson Edwardian Docklands Hotel
    Fairmont Avenue E14
  269. Docklands Museum
    Hertsmere Road E14
  270. Marriott Docklands Hotel
    Hertsmere Road E14
  271. Dockmasters House Restaurant
    Hertsmere Road E14
  272. Narrow Street
    Horseferry Road E14
  273. Spert Street
    Narrow Street/Horsfery Road
  274. The Grapes PH
    Narrow Street
  275. Booty's Bar
    Narrow Street
  276. Lotus Floating Restaurant
    Limeharbour E14
  277. Isle of Dogs Police Station
    Manchester Road E14
  278. Island Gardens Station
    Manchester Road E14
  279. Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf
    Marsh Wall E14
  280. Britannia International Hotel 163
    Marsh Wall E14
  281. Tower Hamlets Town Hall
    Mulberry Place/Clove Cresent/Nutmeg Lane/Safron Avenue
  282. Mosaic Building
    Narrow Street E14
  283. Roy Square
    Narrow Street E14
  284. Cabot Square
    North & South Colonnade/West India Avenue E14
  285. Financial Services Authority 25
    North Colonnade E14
  286. Canary Wharf
    North Colonnade/South Colonnade E14
  287. Canada Square
    North Colonnade/South Colonnade E14
  288. Vietnamese Pastoral Centre 130
    Poplar High Street E14
  289. Poplar Coroners Court
    Poplar High Street/Cottage Street E14
  290. John Scurr House
    Ratcliffe Lane E14
  291. Robin Hood Gardens
    Robin Hood Lane E14
  292. The Mission
    Salmon Lane E14
  293. Upper Bank Street
    South Colonade E14
  294. Canary Wharf Cab Rank
    South Colonnade E14
  295. Thermopylae Gate
    Spindrift Avenue/Chapel House Street E14
  296. Tiller Leisure Centre
    Tiller Road E14
  297. Billingsgate Market
    Trafalgar Way E14
  298. Four Seasons Hotel E14 46
    Westferry Circus E14
  299. Millwall Fire Station
    Westferry Road E14
  300. Space
    Westferry Road E14
  301. Saint Davids Square
    Westferry Road E14
  302. Spindrift Avenue
    Westferry Road/East Ferry Road E14
  303. Greenwich Town Social Club
    Blackwall Lane SE10
  304. Greenwich Police Station
    Burney Street SE10
  305. Rangers House
    Chesterfield Walk SE10
  306. Fan Museum
    Crooms Hill SE10
  307. Greenwich Theatre
    Crooms Hill SE10
  308. Cutty Sark
    Cutty Sark Gardens SE10
  309. Greenwich DLR Station
    Greenwich High Road SE10
  310. Greenwich Station
    Greenwich High Road SE10
  311. Novotel SE10
    Greenwich High Road SE10
  312. Royal Hill
    Greenwich South Street/Greenwich High Road
  313. Greenwich University
    King William Walk SE10
  314. Cutty Sark Gardens
    King William Walk SE10
  315. O2 Dome
    Millennium Way SE10
  316. Greenwich Market
    Nelson Road/College Approach SE10
  317. Charlton Athletic FC
    Harvey Gardens
  318. National Maritime Museum
    Park Row SE10
  319. Jordel Road
    Cadogan Terrace/Wick Lane
  320. Peyton Place
    Royal Hill SE10
  321. Gloucester Circus
    Royal Hill/Crooms Hill SE10
  322. Ibis Hotel SE10
    Stockwell Street SE10
  323. Maze Hill Station
    Tom Smith Close SE10
  324. Arches Leisure Centre
    Trafalgar Road SE10
  325. Rathbone Market
    Barking Road E16
  326. Canning Town Station
    Silvertown Way E16
  327. City Airport
    Hartmann Road E16
  328. WPC Nina Mackay Memorial
    Arthingworth Street/in By Barnby Street
  329. Chant Square
    Chant Street/ in By Braynt Street
  330. Meridien Square
    Great Eastern Road E15
  331. Ibis Hotel E15
    Romford Road E15
  332. Bow County Court
    Romford Road E15
  333. Startford Magisterets Court
    High Street Stratford E15
  334. Theatre Royal Stratford
    Salway Road E15
  335. Stratford Shopping Centre
    Stratford Broadway E15
  336. Stratford Cab Rank
    Stratford Broadway E15
  337. Stratford Police Station
    West Ham Lane E15
  338. West Ham Police Station
    West Ham Lane E15
  339. Bromley by Bow Station
    Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach E3
  340. Thames Magistrates Court
    Bow Road E3
  341. Saint Clements Hospital
    Bow Road E3
  342. Bow Church Station
    Bow Road E3
  343. Bow Road Station
    Bow Road E3
  344. East London Tabernacle
    Burdett Road E3
  345. Ragged School Museum
    Copperfield Road E3
  346. Widows Son PH
    Devons Road E3
  347. Bow Bus Garage
    Fairfield Road E3
  348. Bow Quarter
    Fairfield Road E3
  349. Alphabet Square
    Hawgood Street/ In by Furze Street
  350. Mile End Station
    Mile End Road E3
  351. Lakeview Estate
    Old Ford Road E3
  352. Gun Wharf E3
    Old Ford Road E3
  353. Eastside Youth Centre
    Parnell Road E3
  354. Candy Street
    Parnell Road E3
  355. Bow Fire Station
    Parnell Road E3
  356. McDonalds E3
    Payne Road E3
  357. Mile End Stadium
    Rhodeswell Road E3
  358. Roman Road Market
    Roman Road E3
  359. Parnell Road
    Tredegar Road E3
  360. WizAnn Publications
    Watts Grove E3
  361. Charlton Athletic FC ( The Valley)
    Harvey Gardens
  362. Floyd Road
    Valley Grove/Charlton Church lane
  363. Charlton Lane
    Woolwhich Road/Harvey Gardens
  364. Grierson Road
    Honor Oak Park
  365. Gabriel Street
    Ballina Street
  366. Honor Oak Park Station
    Honor Oak park
  367. Boveney Road
    Devonshire Road
  368. Camden Grove
    Kensington Church St/Hornton st
  369. Kingwood Road
    Munster Road/Fulham Palace Road
  370. O'Meara Street
    Union Street/Soutwark Street
  371. Flat Iron Square
    Soutwark Bridge Road?union Street
  372. Brandon Street
    Browning Street/Portland Street
  373. Wadding Street
    Brandon Street/Rodney Road
  374. Brushfield Street
    Comercial Street/Gun Street
  375. Gun Street
    Artilary Lane
  376. Inverness Terrace
    Porchester Road/Bayswater Road
  377. Branksome Road
    Acre Lane
  378. Lambeth Road
    Brixton Hill/Bransksome Road
  379. Skecth
    Condiut Street
  380. Baytree Road
    Brixton Hill/Acre Lane
  381. Donegal Street
    Penton Street/Rodney Street
  382. Aldervile Road
    Hurlingham Road
  383. Foskett Road
    Hurlingham Road
  384. Family Record Centre
    Myddleton Street/in by Garnault Place
  385. Inter Continantal Hotel Park Lane
    Hamilton Place
  386. Jollys Saint Ermins Hotel
    Caxton Street
  387. London Scottish Regiment
    Horsfery Road
  388. Whisky Mist Club
    Hereford Street
  389. Goring Hotel
    Beeston Place/Eaton Lane
  390. Iron Lung Toilets
    Recency Place
  391. Benares Restaurant
    Berkley Square
  392. Bable Club
    Berkley Square
  393. Trevelyn House
    Great Peter Street
  394. Bambo Basket
    Great Peter Street
  395. St James Hotel
    Park Place
  396. Rafels Club
    Kings Road
  397. Nicleby House
    Wilsham Street
  398. Wilsham Street
    Sirdar RD/Saint Ann's Rd
  399. Tea Building
    Bethnal Green Road E2
  400. Richmix Cinema
    Bethnal Green Road E2
  401. Box Park
    Bethnal Green Road E2
  402. Mason & Taylor Restaruant
    Bethnal Green Road E2
  403. Gales Gardens
    Bethnal Green Road E2
  404. Wilmot Street
    Bethnal Green Road/Dunbridge Street
  405. Les Trois Garcons
    Club Row/Bethnal Green Road
  406. Aubin & Wills
    Club Row
  407. Boundry Restaurant
    Redchurch Street
  408. Redchurch Bar
    Redchurch Street
  409. London Chest Hospital
    Bonner Road
  410. Bishop's Way
    Bonner Road/Mowlem Street
  411. Approach Road
    Bonner Road/Sewardstone Road
  412. Arnold Circus
    Calvert Avenue/Club Row
  413. Albion Restaurant
    Boundry Street
  414. Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
    Cambridge Heath Road
  415. Patriot Square
    Cambridge Heath Road E2
  416. Town Hall Hotel
    Patriot Square
  417. Metropolis Club 234
    Cambridge Heath Road E2
  418. Gloucester Square E2
    Cester Street E2
  419. Les Trois Garcons
    Club Row/Bethnal Green Road
  420. Columbia Road Sunday Flower Market
    Columbia Road
  421. Repton Boys Club
    Dunbridge Street E2
  422. Hackney City Farm
    Goldsmiths Row/in by Hackney Road
  423. Goldsmiths Square
    Goldsmiths Row/in by Dinmont Street
  424. Marksman PH 254
    Hackney Road E2
  425. Browns Club E2 no 1
    Hackney Road E2
  426. Days Inn Shoreditch/RE Hotel
    Hackney Road E2
  427. Columbia Road
    Hackney Road E2
  428. Images Bar
    Hackney Road E2
  429. The Oval E2
    Hackney Road E2
  430. Ion Square
    Hackney Road E2
  431. York Hall 11
    Old Ford Road E2
  432. Marian Square
    Pritchards Road E2
  433. Bethnal Green Fire Station
    Roman Road E2
  434. Saint Peters Square E2
    Saint Peters Avenue in by Saint Peters's Close
  435. Bethnal Green BR Station
    Three Colts Lane/Tapp Street E2
  436. Bethnal Green Police Station
    Victoria Park Square in by Old ford Road
  437. Best Way Cash and Carry e2
    Mowlem Street
  438. Bistrotheque Jazz Bar
    Wadeson Street E2
  439. Pebble Centre 60
    Warner Place E2
  440. Babble Bar City
    Wormwood Street
  441. Bank Of England Museum
    Bartelomew Lane
  442. Greenwich Fire Station
    Blissett Street SE10
  443. Greenwich Yacht Club
    Mudlarks Way/Peartree Way
  444. First Shop in the World
    Nelson Road SE10
  445. Trafalgar Tavern PH
    Park Row SE10
  446. Trident Hall Theatre
    Park Row SE10
  447. Bow Arts Trust
    Bow Road E3
  448. Regent Square E3
    Bruce Road E3
  449. Bromley High Street
    Edgar Road E3
  450. Vietnam Restaurant
    King William Walk In by Nevada Street by Stockwell Street
  451. Bow Squadron TA Centre
    Mile End Road
  452. Britania Leisure Centre
    Nortport Street
  453. Royal Observatory
    Blackheath Avenue/Thyme Avenue
  454. Barbican Station
    Aldersgate Street EC1
  455. Ironmongers Hall
    Aldersgate Street/Shaftesbury Place
  456. Alfred The Great Collage
    Glasshouse Yard EC1
  457. Butchers Hall
    Bartholomew Close EC1
  458. Bleeding Heart Bar
    Bleeding Heart Yard EC1
  459. Jerusalam Tavern
    Britton Street EC1
  460. Chamber of Shipping
    Carthusian Street EC1
  461. Moorfields Eye Hospital
    Cayton Street EC1
  462. Florin Court EC1
    Charterhouse Square EC1
  463. Malmaison Hotel
    Charterhouse Square EC1
  464. Fabric Club
    Charterhouse Street EC1
  465. Smiths of Smithfield Restaurant
    Charterhouse Street EC1
  466. National Autistic Society
    City Road EC1
  467. For Your Eyes Only EC1
    City Road EC1
  468. Bavarian Beerhouse
    City Road EC1
  469. Wesleys House and Chapel 47
    City Road EC1
  470. Honourable Artillery Company
    City Road/HAC EC1
  471. Frameles Galery
    Clerkenwell Green EC1
  472. Lesley Crarys Galary
    Clerkenwell Green EC1
  473. Dans Le Noir Restaurant
    Clerkenwell Green EC1
  474. Karl Marx Library
    Clerkenwell Green EC1
  475. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Clerkenwell Green EC1
  476. Clerkenwell Green
    Clerkenwell Road EC1
  477. Griffin PH EC1
    Clerkenwell Road EC1
  478. Saint Johns Square
    Clerkenwell Road EC1
  479. Founders Hall
    Cloth Fair/ in By Middle Street
  480. Farmers & Fletchers Hall
    Cloth Street EC1
  481. Farringdon Station
    Cowcross Street EC1
  482. Saint Etheldredas Church
    Ely Place EC1
  483. YMCA London City
    Errol Street EC1
  484. Thistle City Barbican Hotel
    Exchange Street/Lever Street/Dingley Road EC1
  485. YMCA Barbican
    Fann Street EC1
  486. Cowcross Street
    Farringdon Road/Saint John Street EC1
  487. Boy of Glutton
    Giltspur Street EC1
  488. Saint Bartholomews Hospital
    Giltspur Street EC1
  489. City & Guilds of London Institute
    Giltspur Street EC1
  490. Bleeding Heart Yard
    Greville Street EC1
  491. Charterhouse Square
    harterhouse Street/Carthusian Street EC1
  492. Hatton Garden
    Holborn Circus/Clerkenwell Road EC1
  493. West Smithfield
    Long Lane/Giltspur Street EC1
  494. Family Records Centre
    Myddelton Street EC1
  495. Saint Pauls Station
    Newgate Street EC1
  496. Holiday Inn Express EC1 275
    Old Street EC1
  497. 333 Club EC1
    Old Street EC1
  498. Shoreditch Fire Station
    Old Street EC1
  499. Stock Exchange
    Paternoster Square/Newgate Street/Warwick Lane
  500. Myddelton Square
    River Street EC1
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