1. Chepstow Place
    Chepstow Road/Pembridge Square
  2. Pembridge Square
    Pembridge Gardens W2
  3. Wetherby School 11
    Pembridge Square W2
  4. Linden Gardens W2
    Notting Hill Gate W2
  5. Clanricarde Gardens
    Notting Hill Gate W2
  6. Brigham Young University 27
    Palace Court W2
  7. Saint Sophias Greek Cathedral
    Moscow Road W2
  8. Princes Square
    Ilchester Gardens/Hereford Road W2
  9. Leinster Square
    Garway Road W2
  10. Kensington Gardens Hotel 9
    Kensington Gardens Square W2
  11. Henry Vlll Hotel 19
    Leinster Gardens W2
  12. Blakemore Hotel 30
    Leinster Gardens W2
  13. Queens Gardens W2
    Devonshire Terrace/Leinster Gardens W2
  14. Cleveland Square
    Devonshire Terrace W2
  15. Hempel Hotel 31
    Craven Hill Gardens W2
  16. Thistle Lancaster Gate Hotel
    Lancaster Gate W2
  17. Spire House 44
    Lancaster Gate W2
  18. Guards Hotel 36
    Lancaster Gate W2
  19. Columbia Hotel 95
    Lancaster Gate W2
  20. Corus Hotel Hyde Park
    Lancaster Gate W2
  21. Royal Lancaster Hotel
    Westbounrne Street/ Out Lancaster Terrace W2
  22. Prince William Hotel 42-44
    Gloucester Terrace W2
  23. Royal Eagle Hotel 26
    Craven Road W2
  24. Paddington Station
    Departures Road W2
  25. Heathrow Express
    Departures Road W2
  26. YMCA German 35
    Craven Terrace W2
  27. Brook Mews North
    Craven Terrace/Craven Road
  28. Hilton Hotel Paddington 146
    Praed Street W2
  29. Saint Marys Hospital
    South Wharf Road W2
  30. Royal Norfolk Hotel 25
    London Street W2
  31. Norfolk Square
    London Street W2
  32. Brunei Hall 35
    Norfolk Square W2
  33. Hotel Indigo London Paddington 16
    London Street W2
  34. Talbot Square
    Sussex Gardens W2
  35. Lillian Penson Hall
    Talbot Square W2
  36. Norfolk Towers Hotel 34
    Norfolk Place W2
  37. Hilton Hotel Metropole
    Edgware Road/Harbet Road W2
  38. Water Gardens W2
    Burwood Place W2
  39. Cambridge Square
    Norfolk Crescent W2
  40. Oxford Square
    Norfolk Crescent W2
  41. Gloucester Square W2
    Sussex Place W2
  42. Sussex Square
    Stanhope Terrace W2
  43. Hyde Park Square
    Hyde Park Street W2
  44. Sri Lanka High Commission 13
    Hyde Park Gardens W2
  45. Connaught Square
    Seymour Street/Connaught Street W2
  46. Saint Georges Fields
    Albion Street W2
  47. Carisbrooke Hall
    Seymour Street W2
  48. Somerset Square
    Addison Road W14
  49. Woodsford Square
    Addison Road W14
  50. Kensington Village
    Avonmore Road/Stanwick Road W14
  51. North End Cresent
    North End Road/Matheson Road
  52. Stonor Road
    Avonmore Road/Stanwick Road W14
  53. Barons Keep
    Gliddon Road W14
  54. Queens Club Gardens
    Greyhound Road/Normand Road W14
  55. Olympia
    Hammersmith Road
  56. Leighton House Museum
    Holland Park Road W14
  57. Hilton Hotel Olympia 380
    Kensington High Street W14
  58. Blue Lagoon Restaurant
    Kensington High Street W14
  59. Bristol Cars
    Kensington High Street W14
  60. West Kensington Station
    North End Road W14
  61. Famous Three Kings PH 171
    North End Road W14
  62. Olympia Station
    Olympia Way/Lveby Maclise Road Beaconsfield Terrace Road Blythe Road
  63. Queens Club
    Palliser Road
  64. Barton Road
    Palliser Road/Baronscourt Road
  65. Castledown Road
    North End Road/Vereker Rd
  66. Comeragh Road
    Palasier Road/Vereker Road
  67. K West Hotel
    Richmond Way/ in By Rockley Road
  68. Charecroft Way
    Rockley Road/Richmond Way
  69. Blag Club
    Russell Gardens W14
  70. LAMDA London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art
    Talgarth Road W14
  71. Curtains Up Theatre
    Vereker Road W14
  72. Saint Mary Abbots Court
    Warwick Gardens W14
  73. E & O Restaurant 14
    Blenheim Crescent W11
  74. Powis Square
    Colville Terrace W11
  75. Colville Square
    Colville Terrace W11
  76. Westbourne Park Station
    Great Western Road W11
  77. Greece Embassy 1a
    Holland Park W11
  78. Royal Crescent
    Holland Park Avenue/Norland Sq L Queensdale rd
  79. Norland Square
    Holland Park Avenue/
  80. Hilton Hotel Kensington
    Holland Park Avenue W11
  81. School of Meditation 158
    Holland Park Avenue W11
  82. Algeria Embassy 54
    Holland Park W11
  83. Notting Hill Brasserie 92
    Kensington Park Road/Stanley Garden Mews
  84. London Lighthouse 111
    Lancaster Road W11
  85. Royalty Studios 105
    Lancaster Road W11
  86. Beach Blanket Babylon Restaurant
    Ledbury Road W11
  87. George & Dragon Hall
    Mary Place W11
  88. Notting Hill Arts Club
    Notting Hill Gate W11
  89. David Game College
    Notting Hill Gate W11
  90. Blag Club W11 68
    Notting Hill Gate W11
  91. Notting Hill Gate Station
    Notting Hill Gate/Pembridge Road W11
  92. Gate Theatre 11
    Pembridge Road W11
  93. Julies Restaurant 137
    Portland Road/Clarendon Cross W11
  94. Electric Cinema 191b
    Portobello Road W11
  95. Nottingdale Police Station
    Sirdar Road W11
  96. Portobello Hotel 22
    Stanley Gardens W11
  97. Kensington Sports Centre
    Walmer Road W11
  98. 20th Century Theatre 291
    Westbourne Grove W11
  99. Guest House West Hotel 163
    Westbourne Grove W11
  100. Ledbury Road
    Westbourne Park Road/Wesbourne Grove
  101. All Saints Road
    Westbourne Park Road W11
  102. Bumpkin Restaurant W11 209
    Westbourne Park Road W11
  103. Abbey Road Studios 3
    Abbey Road NW8
  104. New London Synagogue 33
    Abbey Road NW8
  105. Saint Johns Wood Station
    Acacia Road NW8
  106. Lyndhurst Club 74
    Allitsen Road NW8
  107. Saint Stephens Close
    Avenue Road NW8
  108. The Marlowes
    Boundary Road NW8
  109. Oslo Court Restaurant
    Charlbert Street NW8
  110. Oslo Court
    Charlbert Street NW8
  111. Eyre Court
    Finchley Road NW8
  112. Cockpit Theatre
    Gateforth Street/ In By Church Street
  113. Scott Ellis Gardens
    Grove End Road NW8
  114. Hospital of Saint John & Saint Elizabeth
    Grove End Road NW8
  115. Alma Square
    Hill Road/Hamilton Gardens NW8
  116. Danubius Hotel Regents Park 18
    Lodge Road NW8
  117. American School in London 2
    Loudoun Road/Waverley Place NW8
  118. Park Lorne
    Park Road/Lorne Close NW8
  119. Walsingham
    Queensmead NW8
  120. Queensmead
    Saint Johns Wood Park NW8
  121. Little Venice
    Blomfield Road W9
  122. Jasons Restaurant & Boat Trips / Now Boat House
    Blomfield Road W9
  123. Formosa Street
    Warrington Crescent/Blomfield Road W9
  124. Warwick Avenue Station
    Warwick Avenue W9
  125. Colonnade Town House Hotel 2
    Warrington Crescent W9
  126. Warrington Hotel 93
    Warrington Crescent W9
  127. BBC Rehearsal Studios
    Delaware Road W9
  128. Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue W9
    Lauderdale Road W9
  129. Paddington Sports Club
    Castellain Road W9
  130. Amadeus Centre 40
    Shirland Road W9
  131. Saltram Crescent
    Fernhead Road/Shirland Road W9
  132. Fernhead Road
    Elgin Avenue/Kilburn Lane W9
  133. Taxi House (LTDA)
    Woodfield Road W9
  134. Chippenham Road
    Harrow Road/Shirland Road W9
  135. Disabled Living Foundation 380
    Harrow Road W9
  136. Warwick Avenue
    Harrow Road Circus/Delaware Road W9
  137. Glasgow House
    Lanark Road W9
  138. Maida Vale Station
    Elgin Avenue W9
  139. Paddington Recreation Ground
    Grantully Road/in by Moreshead Rd or Biddulph RD/Leave by Ashworth Rd
  140. Stuart Tower 105
    Maida Vale W9
  141. Liberal Jewish Synagogue 28
    Saint Johns Wood Road NW8
  142. Middlesex County Cricket Club
    Saint Johns Wood Road NW8
  143. Lords View Apartments
    Saint Johns Wood Road NW8
  144. Pavillion Apartments
    Saint Johns Wood Road NW8
  145. Lords Cricket Ground
    Saint Johns Wood Road NW8
  146. Wellington Hospital
    Wellington Place NW8
  147. Saint Johns Wood Police Station
    Newcourt Street
  148. Newcourt Street
    Greenbery Street/Charlbert Street
  149. West Hampstead Station
    West End Lane NW6
  150. Broadhurst Gardens
    West End Lane/Canfield Gardens NW6
  151. Little Bay Restaurant NW6 228
    Belsize Road NW6
  152. South Hampstead Station
    Loudoun Road NW6
  153. Islamic Centre England
    Maida Vale NW6
  154. Marriott Maida Vale Hotel
    Kilburn High Road NW6
  155. Kilburn Park Station
    Cambridge Avenue NW6
  156. Queens Park Station
    Salusbury Road NW6
  157. Kilburn Police Station
    Salusbury Road NW6
  158. Queens Studios 117
    Salusbury Road NW6
  159. Brondesbury Park Station
    Brondesbury Park NW6
  160. Tricycle Theatre 269
    Kilburn High Road NW6
  161. Cavendish Road
    Iverson Road/The Avenue NW6
  162. Kilburn Station
    Christchurch Avenue NW6
  163. Crown Moran Hotel
    Cricklewood Broadway NW2
  164. Cricklewood Station
    Cricklewood Lane NW2
  165. Clitterhouse School
    Claremont Road NW2
  166. Hamlet Square
    The Vale NW2
  167. Hendon FC
    Claremont Road NW2
  168. Toys R Us NW2
    Tilling Road NW2
  169. Holiday Inn Garden Court NW2
    Tilling Road NW2
  170. Willesden Green Station
    Station Parade NW2
  171. Dollis Hill Station
    Chapter Road NW2
  172. Landmark Hotel
    Great Central Street/Melcombe Place
  173. See Shell Restaurant
    Shroton Street
  174. Snowman House
    Abbey Road NW6
  175. English National Opera NW6
    Broadhurst Gardens NW6
  176. Hampstead Synagogue 1
    Dennington Park Road NW6
  177. Hampstead Safe Depository 575
    Finchley Road NW6
  178. Hampstead Cemetery
    Fortune Green Road NW6
  179. West Hampstead Police Station
    Fortune Green Road NW6
  180. Weech Hall 118
    Fortune Green Road NW6
  181. Hampstead Garden Centre 163
    Iverson Road NW6
  182. Hugos Restaurant NW6 21-25
    Lonsdale Road NW6
  183. Hampstead Cricket Club 25
    Lymington Road NW6
  184. Queens Park
    Millman Road NW6
  185. Victoria Road NW6
    Salusbury Road/Kilburn High Road NW6
  186. Mill Lane
    Shoot Up Hill/Fortune Green Road NW6
  187. West Hampstead Thameslink
    West End Lane NW6
  188. Acol Bridge Club 86
    West End Lane NW6
  189. Kings Gardens
    West End Lane NW6
  190. Cannon Hill
    West End Lane/Finchley Road NW6
  191. Dollis Hill Synagogue
    Parkside NW2
  192. Gladstone Park
    Dollis Hill Lane NW2
  193. Stables Art Gallery
    Dollis Hill Lane NW2
  194. Multiple Sclerosis Society 372
    Edgware Road NW2
  195. Willesden Lane
    Kilburn High Road/Willesden High Road NW2
  196. Abbotts hotel 283
    Willsden Lane
  197. Harlesden Station
    Acton Lane NW10
  198. Willesden County Court 9
    Acton Lane NW10
  199. Central Middlesex Hospital
    Acton Lane/Abbey Road NW10
  200. Willesden Green Library Centre
    Brondesbury Park NW10
  201. Kensal Green Station
    College Road NW10
  202. Harlesden Police Station
    Craven Park NW10
  203. PC Ronan McCloskey Memorial
    Denzil Road NW10
  204. College of North West London
    Denzil Road NW10
  205. Willesden Sports Centre
    Donnington Road NW10
  206. Chelmsford Square
    Hardinge Road NW10
  207. Doyle Gardens
    Harlesden Road/College Road
  208. Harlesden High Street
    Harrow Road/Craven Park Road
  209. Neasden Station
    Neasden Lane NW10
  210. Neasden Circus
    Neasden Lane/Dudden Hill Lane
  211. Willesden Fire Station 59A
    Pound Lane NW10
  212. World Spiritual University
    Pound Lane NW10
  213. Willesden Community Hospital
    Robson Avenue NW10
  214. Willesden Junction Station
    Station Approach NW10
  215. Kensal Rise Station
    Station Terrace NW10
  216. McVities
    Waxlow Road NW10
  217. Dudden Hill Lane
    Willesden High Road NW10
  218. Brent Magistrates Court
    Willesden High Road NW10
  219. Willesden Police Station
    Willesden High Road NW10
  220. All Souls Avenue
    Wrottesley Road/Chamberlayne Road
  221. Tabard Theatre
    Bath Road W4
  222. Arts Educational School
    Bath Road/Cone Ripman House W4
  223. Chiswick Park Station
    Bollo Lane W4
  224. Sutton Court Road
    Burlington Lane W4
  225. Chiswick Station
    Burlington Lane W4
  226. Dolphin Square W4
    Edensor Road W4
  227. Chiswick Pool
    Edensor Road W4
  228. M4
    Great West Road W4
  229. Hogarth Roundabout
    Hogarth Lane/Great Chertsey Road
  230. British Standards Institute 389
    Chiswick High Road W4
  231. Chiswick Roundabout
    Chiswick High Road W4
  232. Chiswick Police Station
    Chiswick High Road W4
  233. Stamford Brook Station
    Goldhawk Road W4
  234. Chiswick Bridge
    Great Chertsey Road/Clifford Avenue
  235. Chiswick Town Hall
    Heathfield Terrace W4
  236. Turnham Green Terrace
    The Avenue/Chiswick High Road
  237. Turnham Green Station
    Turnham Green Terrace W4
  238. Turnham Green Cab Rank
    Turnham Green Terrace W4
  239. King Fahad Academy
    Bromyard Avenue W3
  240. Acton Central Station
    Churchfield Road W3
  241. North Acton Station
    Victoria Road W3
  242. Perfume Factory
    Wales Farm Road/Victoria Road W3
  243. Chiswick Mall
    South Black Lion Lane W4
  244. Linford Christie Stadium
    Artillery Lane W12
  245. Wormwood Scrubs Prison
    Du Cane Road W12
  246. Hammersmith & New Queen Charlottes Hospital
    Du Cane Road W12
  247. East Acton Station
    Erconwald Street W12
  248. Shepherds Bush Empire
    Shepherds Bush Green W12
  249. Lime Grove
    Uxbridge Road W12
  250. Shepherds Bush Station
    Uxbridge Road W12
  251. Bush Theatre
    Shepherds Bush Green W12
  252. Grantley Hotel 50
    Shepherds Bush Green W12
  253. BBC Worldwide
    Wood Lane W12
  254. BBC Television Centre 201
    Wood Lane W12
  255. White City Station
    Wood Lane W12
  256. Hammersmith Station
    Beadon Road/Hammersmith Broadway W6
  257. Irish Centre W6
    Blacks Road W6
  258. Charing Cross Hospital
    Fulham Palace Road W6
  259. Barons Court Station
    Gliddon Road W6
  260. Brook Green
    Hammersmith Road W6
  261. Kings Mall
    King Street W6
  262. Holiday Inn Express W6 120-124
    King Street W6
  263. Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall
    Nigel Playfair Avenue W6
  264. Coca Cola HQ
    Queen Caroline Street W6
  265. Hammersmith Apollo Theatre
    Queen Caroline Street W6
  266. King Street
    Queen Caroline Street/Chiswick High Road
  267. Ravenscourt Park Station
    Ravenscourt Place W6
  268. Charing Cross Hospital A & E
    Saint Dunstans Road W6
  269. Hammersmith Police Station
    Shepherds Bush Road W6
  270. Novotel West Hotel
    Shortlands W6
  271. Queens Park Rangers QPR FC
    South Africa Road W12
  272. Westfield Shopping Centre
    West Cross Route/Wood Lane/Uxbridge Rd
  273. Hammersmith Broadway
    Butterwick/Queen Caroline Street W6
  274. Walt Disney Company
    Butterwick/Talgarth Road W6
  275. Saint Peters Hotel 409
    Goldhawk Road W6
  276. Red Onion Restaurant W6 103
    Hammersmith Grove W6
  277. Alpha Womans Rowing
    Ibis Lane/Hartington Road
  278. Australia Road
    Bloemfontein Road W12
  279. Three Policemens Memorial
    Braybrook Street W12
  280. Sulgrave Club
    Goldhawk Road W12
  281. Vesbar Restaurant
    Goldhawk Road W12
  282. Shepherds Bush Police Station
    Tunis Road W12
  283. Goldhawk Road Station
    Wells Road W12
  284. Leiths School of Food & Wine 16-20
    Wendell Road W12
  285. Saint Pauls Girl School
    Brook Green W6
  286. British Safety Council - National Safety Centre
    Chancellors Road W6
  287. Riverside Studios
    Crisp Road W6
  288. Cobbs Hall 266
    Fulham Palace Road W6
  289. Secrets 1 Club 62
    Glenthorne Road W6
  290. Hammersmith Grove
    Goldhawk Road/Beadon Road W6
  291. Westcroft Square
    Hamlet Gardens/King Street W6
  292. Hammersmith Cab Rank
    Hammersmith Broadway W6
  293. Nazareth House W6 171
    Hammersmith Road W6
  294. Latymer Court
    Hammersmith Road W6
  295. Lyric Hammersmith Theatre
    King Street W6
  296. Saint Peters Square W6
    King Street W6
  297. River Caf�
    Rainville Road W6
  298. West London Magistrates Court
    Talgarth Road W6
  299. Ark Building
    Talgarth Road W6
  300. London Corinthian Sailing Club
    Upper Mall W6
  301. William Morris Society
    Upper Mall W6
  302. Chiswick Tennis Club
    Burlington Lane W4
  303. Ballet Rambert School 94
    Chiswick High Road W4
  304. Gunnersbury Station
    Chiswick High Road W4
  305. Chiswick Fire Station
    Heathfield Gardens W4
  306. South Acton Station
    Kingswood Road W4
  307. Fullers Brewery
    Mawson Lane W4
  308. Chiswick Moran Hotel
    Power Road/Thorney Hedge Road
  309. Victorian Society 1
    Priory Gardens/Bath Road W4
  310. Acton Town Hall
    Acton High Street W3
  311. Barbara Speake Stage School
    East Acton Lane W3
  312. Acton Main Line Station
    Horn Lane W3
  313. Ramada Encore Hotel 4
    Portal Way/Estate Road W3
  314. Acton Swimming Baths
    Salisbury Street W3
  315. Guitar Institute
    Stanley Gardens W3
  316. Acton Magistrates Court
    Winchester Street W3
  317. Dome Club
    Dartmouth Park Hill NW5
  318. Kentish Town Sports Centre
    Grafton Road NW5
  319. Forum Club / HMV Forum
    Highgate Road NW5
  320. Venue Club NW5
    Highgate Road NW5
  321. Kentish Town Police Station
    Holmes Road NW5
  322. Kentish Town Station
    Kentish Town Road NW5
  323. Pineapple PH NW5 51
    Leverton Street NW5
  324. Gospel Oak Station
    Mansfield Road NW5
  325. Oak Village
    Mansfield Road NW5
  326. Kentish Town West Station
    Prince of Wales Road NW5
  327. Camden Vehicle Pound
    Regis Road NW5
  328. Saint Dominics Priory
    Southampton Road NW5
  329. Talacre Road
    Prince of Wales Road/Athlone Street
  330. Kronx Boxing Club
    Talacre Road
  331. Saint Pancras Boxing Club
    Talacre Road
  332. Regents Park Barracks
    Albany Street NW1
  333. Jewish Museum 129131
    Albert Street NW1
  334. Sherlock Holmes Museum 221
    Baker Street NW1
  335. Transport for London Lost Property Office 200
    Baker Street NW1
  336. Beatles Shop
    Baker Street NW1
  337. Daphne Restaurant 85
    Bayham Street NW1
  338. Camden Road Station
    Bonny Street NW1
  339. Koko Club 1
    Camden High Street NW1
  340. Electric Ballroom 184
    Camden High Street NW1
  341. Rochester Square
    Camden Road NW1
  342. Corner House Hotel 203
    Camden Road NW1
  343. British Transport Police HQ
    Camden Road/Camden Point NW1
  344. Irish Centre NW1 50-52
    Camden Square NW1
  345. Saint Pancras Coroners Court
    Camley Street NW1
  346. Euston Studios
    Cardington Street NW1
  347. Thistle Euston Hotel
    Cardington Street NW1
  348. Ibis Hotel NW1 3
    Cardington Street NW1
  349. Utopia Village 7
    Chalcot Road NW1
  350. Chalcot Square
    Chalcot Road NW1
  351. Roundhouse Theatre
    Chalk Farm Road NW1
  352. Stables Market
    Chalk Farm Road NW1
  353. Gilgamesh Restaurant
    Chalk Farm Road/Stables Market NW1
  354. RMT-National Union of Rail Maritime & Transport Workers
    Chalton Street
  355. Church Army Hostel 3
    Cosway Street NW1
  356. Theatro Technis 26
    Crowndale Road NW1
  357. Working Mens College
    Crowndale Road NW1
  358. Purple Turtle Bar NW1
    Crowndale Road NW1
  359. Triton Square
    Drummond Street/Longford Street NW1
  360. General Medical Council 350
    Euston Road NW1
  361. Friends House 173
    Euston Road NW1
  362. Wellcome Foundation
    Euston Road NW1
  363. Mirrors Restaurant
    Euston Road NW1
  364. Renaissance St. Pancras Hotel
    Euston Road NW1
  365. British Library 96
    Euston Road/Midland Road NW1
  366. Oakley Square
    Eversholt Street NW1
  367. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund 110
    Gloucester Avenue NW1
  368. Engineer PH & Restaurant 65
    Gloucester Avenue/Princess Road NW1
  369. Dorset Square
    Gloucester Place NW1
  370. Dorset House NW1
    Gloucester Place NW1
  371. Camden Peoples Theatre 58-60
    Hampstead Road NW1
  372. Greater London House 263
    Hampstead Road NW1
  373. Robert Street
    Hampstead Road/Albany Street NW1
  374. British Heart Foundation 180
    Hampstead Road/Greater London House NW1
  375. Blandford Square
    Harewood Avenue NW1
  376. BNP Paribas Bank 10
    Harewood Avenue NW1
  377. Travelodge London Marylebone Hotel
    Harewood Row NW1
  378. MTV 17
    Hawley Crescent NW1
  379. Open Air Theatre
    Inner Circle NW1
  380. Queen Marys Gardens
    Inner Circle NW1
  381. Regents College
    Inner Circle Regent Park NW1
  382. Fifty Five PH 31
    Jamestown Road NW1
  383. Wagamama Japanese Restaurant NW1
    Jamestown Road NW1
  384. Holiday Inn Express NW1
    Jamestown Road NW1
  385. Camden Town Station
    Kentish Town Road/Camden High Street NW1
  386. Capio Nightingale Hospital
    Lisson Grove NW1
  387. Royal Academy of Music
    Marylebone Road NW1
  388. Madame Tussauds
    Marylebone Road NW1
  389. Regents Park Station
    Marylebone Road NW1
  390. Baker Street Station
    Marylebone Road NW1
  391. Western Eye Hospital
    Marylebone Road NW1
  392. Globe PH NW1
    Marylebone Road NW1
  393. York Gate
    Marylebone Road NW1
  394. John F Kennedy Memorial
    Marylebone Road NW1
  395. Marathon House NW1
    Marylebone Road NW1
  396. Marylebone Station
    Melcombe Place NW1
  397. Euston Station
    Melton Street NW1
  398. Grant Thornton House 22
    Melton Street NW1
  399. Camden Square
    Murray Street NW1
  400. Euston Square Hotel 156
    North Gower Street NW1
  401. Cumberland Market
    Osnaburgh Street NW1
  402. Melia White House Hotel
    Osnaburgh Terrace NW1
  403. Novotel Saint Pancras Hotel
    Ossulston Street NW1
  404. Shaw Theatre
    Ossulston Street NW1
  405. Zoological Society
    Outer Circle NW1
  406. Winfield House NW1
    Outer Circle NW1
  407. London Zoo
    Outer Circle/Regents Park NW1
  408. Pirate Castle
    Oval Road NW1
  409. Saint Pancras International Station/Eurostar
    Pancras Road Set Down/Midland Road Pickup NW1
  410. Olympic Javelin Train
    Pancras Road/Midland Road/St Pancras Stn NW1
  411. Mumtaz Restaurant
    Park Road NW1
  412. London Central Mosque
    Park Road NW1
  413. Flower Station
    Park Road NW1
  414. Princes Trust 17
    Park Square East NW1
  415. Jazz Caf� 5
    Parkway NW1
  416. York & Albany Hotel/Restaurant 127-129
    Parkway NW1
  417. Dublin Castle PH 94
    Parkway NW1
  418. Feng Shang Restaurant
    Prince Albert Road NW1
  419. English Folk Dance & Song Society 2
    Regents Park Road NW1
  420. Cecil Sharp House 2
    Regents Park Road NW1
  421. Saint Marks Square
    Regents Park Road NW1
  422. Odettes Restaurant
    Regents Park Road NW1
  423. Russian Tea Rooms
    Regents Park Road NW2
  424. Sylvia Young Theatre School (Old)
    Rossmore Road (Moved to Nutford Place) NW1
  425. Royal Veterinary College
    Royal College Street NW1
  426. Royal College of Physicians 11
    Saint Andrews Place NW1
  427. Danish Church 4
    Saint Katharine�s Precinct NW1
  428. Park Village East
    Parkway/Stanhope Street/Granby Terrace
  429. Magic Circle 12
    Stephenson Way NW1
  430. Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists 21
    Sussex Place NW1
  431. London Business School
    Sussex Place/Regents Park NW1
  432. Santander HQ
    Triton Square NW1
  433. Rotary Club of London
    York Gate NW1
  434. Agar Grove
    York Way/Saint Pancras Way NW1
  435. Harringay Green Lanes Station
    Green Lanes N4
  436. Manor House Station
    Green Lanes N4
  437. Castle Climbing Centre
    Green Lanes N4
  438. John Scott Health Centre 230
    Green Lanes N4
  439. Harringay Station
    Quernmore Road/Railway Approach N4
  440. Finsbury Park Station
    Station Place N4
  441. Endymion Road N4
    Upper Tollington Park/Green Lanes N4
  442. East Finchley Station
    High Road East Finchley N2
  443. Norrice Lea
    Winnington Road/Lyttleton Road N2
  444. South Tottenham Station
    High Road Tottenham N15
  445. Saint Anns Road N15
    High Road Tottenham/Green Lanes N15
  446. Saint Anns Hospital
    Saint Anns Road N15
  447. Seven Sisters Station
    Seven Sisters Road N15
  448. Hackney Wick Station
    Wallis Road E9
  449. Hoop Lane
    Armitage Road/Meadway Gate NW11
  450. Brent Cross Station
    Highfield Avenue/Station Approach NW11
  451. Meadway Gate
    Meadway NW11
  452. Golders Green BBC Hippodrome / El-Shaddai Christian Cent
    North End Road NW11
  453. Golders Green Station
    North End Road NW11
  454. Golders Green Cab Rank
    North End Road NW11
  455. Jewish Cemetery NW11
    Hoop Lane NW11
  456. Hornsey Lane
    Highgate Hill/Crouch End Hill N6
  457. Swains Lane
    Highgate Road/South Grove N6
  458. Robinson Crusoe PH
    Catherall Road/Green Lanes N5
  459. Homerton Station
    Berger Road E9
  460. Victoria Park
    Old Ford Road/Grove Road E9
  461. Royal Inn on the Park PH
    Lauriston Road E9
  462. Sutton Square
    Urswick Road E9
  463. Spring Hill
    Clapton Common E5
  464. Lea Bridge Road
    Lea Bridge Roundabout E5
  465. Clapton Pond
    Lower Clapton Road E5
  466. Sutton House Museum 2
    Homerton High Street E9
  467. Bromley by Bow Station
    Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach E3
  468. Bow Church Station
    Bow Road E3
  469. Parnell Road
    Tredegar Road E3
  470. WizAnn Publications 42
    Watts Grove E3
  471. London Chest Hospital
    Bonner Road E2
  472. Arnold Circus
    Calvert Avenue E2
  473. Bethnal Green Station
    Cambridge Heath Road E2
  474. Bethnal Green Fire Station
    Roman Road E2
  475. London Buddhist Centre 51
    Roman Road E2
  476. Bethnal Green BR Station
    Three Colts Lane/Tapp Street E2
  477. Bethnal Green Police Station
    Victoria Park Square E2
  478. Mile End Station
    Mile End Road E3
  479. Meridien Square
    Great Eastern Road E15
  480. West Ham Station
    Memorial Avenue E15
  481. Stratford Station
    Meridien Square E15
  482. Mudchute Station
    East Ferry Road E14
  483. Isle of Dogs Police Station
    Manchester Road E14
  484. Lea Valley Ice Centre
    Lea Bridge Road E10
  485. Leyton Station
    Leyton High Road E10
  486. Leyton Orient FC
    Oliver Road E10
  487. Spitalfields Market
    Sherrin Road E10
  488. Thistle City Barbican Hotel
    Exchange Street/Lever Street/Dingley Road
  489. Highgate Station
    Priory Gardens N6
  490. Brownswood Road
    Blackstock Road/Green Lanes N4
  491. Jacksons Lane
    Southwood Lane/Archway Road N6
  492. Drayton Park Station
    Drayton Park N5
  493. Alexandra Palace
    Alexandra Palace Way N22
  494. Muswell Hill Broadway
    Muswell Hill/Muswell Hill Road N10
  495. Hackney Rugby Club
    Spring Hill E5
  496. Clapton Station
    Upper Clapton Road E5
  497. Canning Town Station
    Silvertown Way E16
  498. Limehouse Station
    Bekesbourne Street E14
  499. Limehouse Police Station
    West India Dock Road E14
  500. Latimer Road Station
    Bramley Road
  501. Ladbroke Grove Station
    Ladbroke Grove W10
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