Geometry Definitions

  1. Circle;
    Set of points in space that are equidistant from a given point called the center.
  2. Chord;
    A segment who's endpoints are on the circle.
  3. Secant;
    A line that intersects the circle in exactly two points.
  4. Tangent;
    Line that intersects the circle in exactly one point.
  5. Point Of Tangentcy;
    The point where the tangent line intersects the circle.
  6. Congruent Circles;
    Circles that have the same radius.
  7. Concentric Circle;
    Circles that have the same center.
  8. Tangent Circles;
    Two coplanar circles that intersect at exactly one point.
  9. Common Tangent;
    A line that is tangent to two circles.
  10. Diameter;
    Chord containing the center.
  11. Central Angle;
    Angles who's vertex is the center of the circle.
  12. Minor Arc;
    Arc that is itersepted by a central angle, less then 180.
  13. Major Arc;
    Arc in the exterior of a central angle, more the 180.
  14. Semi-Circle;
    Half a circle.
  15. Inscibed Angle;
    Angle whose vertex is on a circle and whose sides contain chords of the circle.
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