EOC Review

  1. The bacteria that cause tetanus can survive in a puncture wound that has healed on the outer surface of the skin. Through what process do these bacteria acquire the energy they need to survive?

    B. anaerobic respiration
  2. In terms of ATP production, which process results in the most stored energy?

    C. aerobic respiration
  3. Which statement best distinguishes aerobic from anaerobic respiration?

    D. Only aerobic respiration requires oxygen.
  4. Which most accurately describes the difference in ATP production between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration?

    A. aerobic respiration produces more ATP than anaerobic respiration.
  5. A segment of a DNA strand has the following bases:


    What is the complementary strand of DNA?

    D. ATG CTA
  6. Which relationship is most similar to the relationship below?

    tRNA: ribosome

    B. truck: factory
  7. Before a cell goes through either mitosis or meiosis, which process must be carried out by the DNA in the nucleus?

    D. replication
  8. Sexual reproduction provides for what to occur?

    D. genetic variation
  9. Which would most likely favor species survival in changing environmental conditions?

    D. genetic recombination
  10. Which term best describes the type of cell division in which parent cells produce daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cells?

    A. mitosis
  11. Enzymes are classifies as which of the following biological organic compounds?

    B. proteins
  12. Some organelles have their own DNA that is distinct from the cell's nuclear DNA. This is true of which organelle?

    A. mitochondria
  13. Pollen in plants is most similar to which type of cell in humans?

    C. sperm
  14. Protein synthesis occurs at which of the structures shown below?
  15. Why do cells need buffering agents?

    C. to minimize the changes in the pH of the internal environment
  16. Placing wilted lettuce in cold water will make it crisp again. Which statement best describes what happens to restore the lettuce to its original condition?

    B. water entered the cells of the lettuce by osmosis
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