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  1. THORN: When that day comes, I may change my tune.
    [Enter] Hello all. [Toss hat at coat rack.]
  2. NORA: Good day, Adam.

    EVELYN: Adam!
    Evelyn, I...
  3. THORN: Hello, Talbot. What do you have to show for yourself?
    I have a print, Sir. [Place photograph in front of Thorndyke.]
  4. EVELYN: Yes, Mother. Will I see you later, Adam?
    Of course.
  5. THORN: Ah, yes. It works. This is nearly perfect, Talbot. Good work!
    Nearly perfect? I think it workd out even better than expected.
  6. THORN: Oh, yes, this is good. It looks like a big potato, no dbout. Quite convincing.
  7. THORN: But you will have to do it over.
    What? Do it over? But you just said it was convincing.
  8. THORN: It's lacking information.
    What do you mean?
  9. THORN: We shall have to do the whole thing over, but with some additions. I've given it more thought.
  10. THORN: We shall require a sign or plackard in the photograph. Detailing the size of this massive spud. The photograph alone doesn't spell it out.
    Spell what out?
  11. THORN: Blast it, must I spell it out for you as well?
    No, Sir. Or, yes, Sir. Please do.
  12. THORN: We must label it and name its grower.
  13. THORN: I'll get you a sign to putin the next portrait, and arrnage for Swan to meet you back here.
    Yes, sir.
  14. THORN: Put this firs photograph in his pocket when you compose the next one. It will add to the effect.
    Yes, sir. Good day, sir. [Start to walk out.]
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