Psych exam review

  1. what are the four goals of psychology
    look them up
  2. what are the two things you need to make a good psychological test?
    relibility and validity
  3. what is the DSM
    diagnostic & statistical manual
  4. what are the three traits associated with ADHD?
    Image Upload 1
  5. What percent of the population has ADHD?
  6. what is the treatment of ADHD?
    education accomidations and stimullantes
  7. what tells if a person is has mental retardation/cognitivly impared?
    • -intelligence
    • -accidemic achievment skills
    • -adaptive behavior(important)
    • all two standard devations below average
  8. what percent of the population has down syndrome?
  9. What would asberger syndrome be better called?
    High functioning autism
  10. what is the common cold of mental illness?
  11. how many americans will have depression once in their life time?
  12. what is the best for OCD?
    exsposure and resond prevention
  13. what is anhidonya?
    • loss interest in things that you once enjoyed.
    • major teller of depression
  14. what is the best predictor of potential suiside?
  15. what is the medication of choice of depression?
  16. In Arron Beck's study
    group a - medication
    group b - cognitive behavior therpy
    group c - both
    which got better faster? which stayed the best the longest?
    • group a and c better quicker
    • group b and c less likely to come back
  17. What is best long term benifits for depression?
    cognitive behavior therapy
  18. SSRI are also approved for ________.
    anxiety disorders
  19. what category does post tramatic stress fall under?
  20. what is the most savere (of anxiety?)
  21. what is concitered OCD
    when the person spends more than one hour on it a day
  22. forms of OCD are_____ and _____.
    counting and checking
  23. remember......
    paryaroid syndrome
  24. if a person comes into the ER as combative and hillusinating people they would think the person _______.
    has been taking LSD
  25. what is the difference between coralation and expormental study?
    look up.
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