1. Miss Pitt help me out of this thing!
    I'm sorry Mr. Cartier, but this dress will just not do. (she goes behind the screen to assist Cyn)
  2. Yes miss Cynthia?
    Herbert, please go with Mr. Cartier and help him bring in a few items from his van.
  3. Yes Maam!
    Herbert, take all of these dresses back to the van
  4. and why can't I
    Only your mother has the authority to dismiss the staff and she Adores Herbert!
  5. Cyn you can't do that
    Only your mother has the authority to dismiss staff and you late father adored Helga!
  6. Ms. Pitt come help me get this thing on
    Excuse me Mr. Cartier, (she follows Cynthia behind the screen)
  7. I know!!
    Miss Cynthia, I'm sure everyone will agree that that dress is the perfect wedding gown for you
  8. Miss pitt have you met miss cynthia's fiance?
    Not in person Mrs. Satan
  9. What do you mean not in person?
    I've talked with him a few times on the telephone when he has called for Ms. Cynthia
  10. Miss Pitt come with me and Cynthia so that you can go over the details of the ceremony with me while Cynthia chatters on about this man of hers.
    Yes, Mrs. Satan
  11. No thank you herbert, (she moves beside herbert and starts to play with his tie.)
    Ms. Edna, your mother would like to see you. She wants to look at the dress that your going to wear tomorrow. ( she exits, Ms. Pitt rushes over to herbert)
  12. Edna exits... Miss pitt rushes to herbert
    So how is the plan going so far? ( they sit on the sofa)
  13. care for a cookie?
    No I don't want a cookie, And when did you start calling me miss Pitt when were alone?
  14. my dear, these walls have ears, we have to be very careful.
    I know your right, so tell me how is the plan going?
  15. The plan is right on sched. once the wedding takes place tomorrow, we'll have old Cyn out of the way.
    Yes we will, We are so lucky that her new husband lives in Georgia and is making her move down to his plantation, but what about Edna?
  16. You have the black dress right?
    Yes, I have the black dress and the apron!
  17. You wait until edna comes to the top of the stairs and you make your move.
    Herbert I know the plan, Just how am I supposed to get Edna up the stairs?
  18. Someone's coming (they both stand up. Helga enters with Mr. Bo Hamm)

    Helga: Mr. Bo Hamm
    Shake bo hamm's hand. Hello Mr. Hamm, Its so nice to finally meet you in person. Im miss Pitt. We've talked a few times on the telephone.
  19. If you'll excuse me Ms. Pitt but I need to make sure everythin is ready for tonights dinner.
    Thank you herbert. Mr. Hamm this is Herbert the butler, he's been with the family for years.
  20. Nice to meet you herbert, (herbert exits)
    Won't you sit down Mr. Hamm
  21. what's his name again Ms. Pitt
    Herbert, (Ms. Pitt takes a cookie.)
  22. Ms. Pitt please pour 2 cups of tea and go find something to do.
    Yes, Mrs. Satan ( she pours 2 cups and takes a cookie then exits)
  23. Miss pitt would you please take these flowers and throw them in the ....refridgerator
    Yes Ms. Cynthia
  24. Act II
    Herbert you weren't laughing at ms cynthia were you,

    (Laughing follows)
    Miss Pitt enters
    What are the two of you laughing at?
  25. (helga enters)
    What's so funny?
    Miss Cynthia wedding day and no minister!!

    Everyone starts laughing again
  26. Mr. Cartier: It would be my pleasure miss edna, Please excuse us. (they leave, and herbert is still staring at Edna)
    She's dressed all wrong!
  27. Oh I thinkd Miss edna looks amazing
    Not Edna you idiot! Helga!
  28. what are you talking about?
    Helga is not wearing a black uniform!
  29. Really?
  30. I didn't notice, I was so taken aback by miss Edna
    (Reacting jealous)Never mind EDNA!! what are we going to do about the plan?
  31. what plan?
    • (Grabbing herber and shaking him)
    • The plan to throw edna down the stairs and pin it on Helga!
  32. Oh, the plan, maybe we should forget about the plan.
    We are this close to having control over old mrs. Satan and her money and you wanna forget about it! NO WAY
  33. Bo: Forgive me folks. I didn't mean to interupt.

    Herbert: not at all Mr. Hamm, Ms. Pitt and I were just going over the plan, weren't we ms pitt?
  34. Yes miss pitt I'll make sure that helga has lots of champagne on ice and in the cooler. I'll go inform her now.
    If you'll excuse me mr. hamm I have a million things to do. (As she starts to exit she hears cynthia and Mrs. Satan arguing off stage)

    Mr. Hamm I think they are coming, you can't see miss cynthia before the wedding. SHe grabs him and pushes him behind the curtains.
  35. Ms. Pitt, please excuse us. Cynthia and I need a little time alone.
    Yes, mrs. Satan.( she turns and looks at bo hiding spot and slowly leaves.)
  36. Miss edna there you are. ( he moves between Mr. Cartier and Ms. Edna)
    • Ms. Pitt enters..
    • Herbert!

    Moving between Edna and Herbert.

    I think Helga is looking for you in the kitchen
  37. Not again!!
    Mustn't see the bride before the ceremony!!
  38. Cyn: Bo are you hiding from me?
    Bo: No Cindy
    But Miss Cynthia, the groom can't see the bride before the wedding!
  39. Miss Pitt will show you Mr. Cartier to the phone
    Please follow me Mr. Cartier

    we exit to the kitchen
  40. I'm almost a reletive..I'll walk down the aisle with Miss Edna.
    Herbert you are walking down the aisle with me!
  41. Helga is calling!
    • (entering)
    • How did she get over the railing? Is someone calling an ambulance?
  42. edna enters....Is an ambulance on the way?
    Helga is calling!!
  43. This is unreal.. is somebody calling an ambulance
    Helga is calling!
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