Chapter 12 Europe War and Change

  1. Voters are able to vote for only a single name for each office
    one-party system
  2. The largest empire in Eastern Europe during the 1900s
  3. After WWII, money under this helped damaged countries rebuild
    Marshall Plan
  4. Millions of Jews were sent to concentration camps
  5. In the Soviet Union, peasants on a ___________ sometimes did not receive enough food to feed their families
    collective farm
  6. This prevented people from traveling freely between Eastern and Western Europe after WWII
    Iron Curtain
  7. Officials in a ________________ pretend to have power but are really told what to do by leaders outside their nation
    puppet government
  8. In the 1900s, this made many people feel proud of their homelands and willing to fight for them
  9. After WWII, members of ______________ agreed to defend one another if they were attacked by the Soviet Union
  10. A formal agrreement among countries to help defend each other
  11. In the 1900s there were two world wars, WWI and WWII.  Write about one of the wars.  Be sure to include why the war started, who fought on each side, and what was the outcome of the war.  10 points
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Chapter 12 Europe War and Change
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