Joseph 1-2.txt

  1. What was one thing Jacob did that made the rest of his sons think Joseph was his favorite?
    He gave Joseph a beautiful coat
  2. What was the second dream Joseph told his brothers?
    That the sun, moon and 11 stars bowed down to him
  3. Why did Jacob question the dream?
    It seemed to mean he, Joseph's mother, and 11 brothers would bow to Joseph
  4. Why did Jacob send Joseph to Shechem?
    Jacob was concerned about his sons who had been grazing their sheep in Shechem.
  5. What name did his brothers give Joseph when they saw him coming?
    The dreamer
  6. What was Reuben's plan to keep his brothers from killing Joseph?
    Throw Joseph in a well
  7. What did the brothers do after throwing Joseph into the well?
    They ate lunch
  8. What was Judah's suggest that they do with Joseph?
    Sell him to traders
  9. Why was Rachel jealous of Leah?
    Leah had children & Rachel did not
  10. What finally happened that brought happiness to Jacob and Rachel?
    She had a son
  11. What was Rachel's first son's name?
  12. What was Rachel's second son's name?
  13. What tragic event happened near Bethlehem?
    Rachel died
  14. What special thing did Jacob give to Joseph?
    A beautiful coat
  15. What was Joseph's first dream?
    He dreamed that his brother's bundles of wheat bowed down to his bundle of wheat
  16. How did Joseph's brothers react to his first dream?
    They hated him
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