U.S. History Terms V

  1. Tax-in-kind
    Tax paid with goods rather than money.
  2. Freedman
    Freed slave.
  3. Black codes
    Laws that limited the rights of freed men in the South after the Civil War.
  4. Radical Republican
    Group of Republicans in Congress who wanted to protect the rights of freedmen in the South and keep rich southern planters out of power.
  5. Radical Reconstruction
    Period after the Civil War when Republicans controlled Congress and passed strict laws affecting the South.
  6. Scalawags
    White Southerner who supported the Radical Republicans.
  7. Carpetbaggers
    Name for northerner who went to the South during Reconstruction.
  8. Sharecroppers
    Farmer who works land owned by another and gives landowner part of the harvest.
  9. Ku Klux Klan
    Secret group first set up in the South after the Civil War. Members terrorized blacks and other minority groups.
  10. Poll taxes
    Fee paid by a voter in order to vote.
  11. Literacy tests
    Examinations to see if a person can read and write.
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U.S. History Terms V
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