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  1. Evolution
    Descent with modification
  2. Fossils
    The remains or traces of organisms from the past
  3. Strata
    Superimposed layers of rock made by the compression of new layers over old layers
  4. Paleontology
    The study of fossils
  5. Catrastrophism
    The principle that events in the past occurred suddenly and were caused by mechanism different from those operating in the present
  6. Uniformitarianism
    Mechanisms of change are constant over time
  7. Adaptations
    Inherited characteristics of organisms that enhance their survival and reproduction in specific enviroments
  8. Natural selection
    A process in which individuals that have certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other individuals because of those traits
  9. Artificial selection
    Humans modifying species by selecting and breeding individuals that posses desired traits
  10. Homology
    Similarity resulting from common ancestry
  11. Homologous structures
    Variations on a structural theme that was present in their common ancestor
  12. Vestigial structure
    Remnants of features that served important functions in the organism's ancestors
  13. Evolutionary tree
    A diagram that reflects evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms
  14. Convergent evolution
    The indepentdent evolution of similar features in different lineages
  15. Analogous
    Features that share similar function but not common ancestry
  16. Biogeography
    The graphic distribution of species
  17. Pangea
    A single large continent
  18. Endemic
    Found nowhere else in the world
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