Med Surge Final Exam

  1. The inner suface of the small intestin contains millions of tiny, fingerlike projections called _________, which contain small blood vessels.
  2. Pts with diverticulitis will complain of pain where?
    pain in LLQ
  3. Post surgical procedure for an ileostomy, a nurse should assess for:
    skin excoriation
  4. Aspiration form fistula formation occurs when?
    radiation therapy--cancer of the esophagus
  5. What is an EGD? What is assess during an EGD?
    view esophagus, stomach, and duodenum
  6. What is achalasia?
    caused by inability of muscle to relax
  7. What vitamin deficiency occurs after a gastrectomy?
  8. A nursing intervention to lessen s/s of increased flatus and chronic constipation alternating with diarrhea, anorexia, and nausea would be to:
    encourage high fiber diet
  9. A 40 yr old with an ileostomy might suffer from:
    disturbed body image
  10. A nursing measure to prevent or minimize dumping syndrome is to:
    eat 6 meals high in fat and protein
  11. What interventions are contraindicated for a suspected appendicitis?
    * NPO til dr says so; bed rest; measure I&O; do not apply heat
  12. What nursing interventions should be done post barium contrast studies?
    take MOM; dispel all barium
  13. Instruct a pt on what to do when a dr has ordered several stool specimens and an ova and parasite specimen:
    3 stool specimens on 3 different days
  14. What may cause an appendix to rupture?
    * no laxatives; no heat; no enema; give fluid and electrolyte replacement
  15. What is the most serious hernia?
  16. What is the purpose of a transerse loop colostomy?
    temporary colostomy to allow healing
  17. Describe ostomy care:
    * ask about emotions
  18. What is the most important nursing intervention to ensure patency of NG tube?
    monitor--sterile saline as ordered
  19. Peristalsis:
    * movement
  20. NANDA accepted nursing dx for pt with abdominoperineal resection and permanent colostomy:
    disturbed body image
  21. Why is important to assess bowel sounds postop?
    return of peristalsis
  22. NANDA accepted nursing dx for a pt hemorrhaging and in hypovolemic shock from bleeding peptic ulcer:
    ineffective tissue profusion--GI
  23. The goals of diet mgmt for _______________are to provide adequate nutrition, correct and prevent malnutrition, replace fluid and electrolyte losses and prevent weight loss. All diets should be individualized.
    inflammatory bowel disease
  24. Someone with inflammatory bowel disease with imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements r/t bowel hypermotility and decreased absorption should be given ___________ meals/day.
    6 small frequent
  25. Highest priority nursing intervention with peritonitis from a ruptured appendix:
    assess severity, location, and duration of pain
  26. Medication recommeded for tx of Crohn's and give nursing education:
    sulfasalazine; keep hydrated so kidneys don't crystallize
  27. The most lethal complication of peptic ulcer is?
    perforation (and peritonitis)
  28. Teaching for a pt with GERD:
    no smoking before bed---remain up for 2 hrs after
  29. Why are antibiotics given for stomach disorders? What does it eradicate?
  30. What meds contribute to stomach problems?
    NSAIDS and aspirin
  31. When giving GOLYTELY to an elderly pt, what might you do to be considerate of the explosive stooling she will do?
    close toilet; provide privacy
  32. Nursing interventions for Crohn's dx?
    check weight daily; monitor I&O; give convenient access to toilet
  33. What factors prevent colon cancer?
    high fiber diet; family with genes; regular check-ups
  34. Medical mgmt to prevent constipation in elderly:
    nutrition high in fiber; high fluids, and increase daily activities
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