C# Quiz 1

  1. CIL code is conceptually similar to Jave what?
    • Bytecode - CIL (Common Intermediate Language) and bytecode are not
    • compoied to platform-specific instructions until absolutely necessary.

    • Platform refers to computer system to run the code such as Windows, Mac
    • OS X, android, iOS, Linux, etc.
  2. CIL
    Common Intermediate Language
  3. CLR
    Common Language Runtime
  4. CLS
    Common Language Specification
  5. CTS
    Common Type System
  6. Can you build a COM object w/ C#?
    No, C# produces code that can only execute w/ the .NET runtime.
  7. Website for .Net Languages is:

    • Resources is the spot:
    • http://www.dotnetlanguages.net/DNL/Resources.aspx
  8. What does the CTS describe?
    All possible data types and programming constructs supported by the runtime and how they can interact w/ each other.
  9. What is the key feature of the CLS? And, what is its BENEFIT?
    • The CLS is a related SPECIFICATION that defines a subset of common types
    • and programming constructs that ALL .NET programming languages can
    • agree upon.

    • BENEFIT: iF YOU USE .net TYPES W/ ONLY CLS-compliant features, all
    • .NET-aware languages can consume them.
  10. What is the primary role of the CLR?
    • To locate, load and manage .NET types on your behals and take care of
    • low level details such as mem magt, app hosing, threads and security.
  11. Where does the CLR sit in comparison to the CTS and CLS?
    It is above the CTS which encapsulates the CLS.
  12. Where does the CLS sit in comparison to the CTS and CLR?
    The CLS (Common Language Specification) is encapsulate or a subset of the CTS.
  13. Where does the CTS sit in comparison to the CLR and CLS?
    CTS (Common Type System) encapsulates the CLS and sits below the CLR.
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