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    American Elm

    Scientific Nomenclature: Ulmus americana

    Notes: Previously the American elm was highly prized as an ornamental across many cities, however in the 1930’s the Dutch elm disease decimated many of these trees across the country. Wood from the elm tree is used for furniture making, veneers, crates, hockey sticks, and pulpwood.
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    Red Elm

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Ulmus
    • rubra

    • Notes: Native Americans once prized
    • red elm for producing tomahawk handles. Now the wood is used for furniture,
    • paneling and boxes.
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    Rock Elm

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Ulmus
    • thomasil

    • Notes: Rock elm wood us used for
    • boxes, baskets, furniture, hockey sticks, veneer, wood pulp, and papermaking. It was once prized for tool handles due to its especially hard wood. Dutch elm disease has decimated this species as well.
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    • Scientific Nomenclature: Celtis
    • occidentalis

    Notes: Not an historically important wood, the hackberry has gained popularity for use in paneling, furniture, and plywood. Fruits are important for many birds and small mammals.
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    Black walnut

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Juglans
    • nigra

    Notes: Wood of the black walnut is prized for use in gunstocks, furniture, or other ornamental purposes. Nuts are also very popular for consumption in baked goods, ice creams, and so forth.
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    • Scientific Nomenclature: Juglans
    • cinerea

    Notes: Timber is used in cabinets, and other ornamental purposes. Nuts are used for food. The husk of the nut is used as a dye, creating an orange or yellow color. Inner bark and roots can be processed to produce certain medicines.
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    Shagbark hickory

    • Scientific Nomenclature: Carya
    • ovata

    Notes: Dominant uses for hickory lumber are furniture, flooring, and tool handles. The combined strength, hardness, and shock resistance make it suitable for many specialty products such as ladder rungs, dowels, athletic goods, and gymnasium equipment.
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