SOC305 - Criminology and Post Colonialism

  1. What are the key points in the research of over incarceration? /3
    Positivist tradition

    • What can be done?
    • Answer: Make the system
    • better
    • Values
    • aren't correct; just execution

    Culture of violence

    • Anomie, social disorganization,
    • “code of the street”

    Race and Punishment

    • More humane punishment (part of the enlightenment
    • project)

    • Connected to controlling racialized population
    • State sanctioned lynching

    A reaction to illegal lynching
  2. How are colonialism and liberalism tied together /2
    • ○ People often travel to different location to help
    • ○ While things happening within society are ignored
    • ○ Tie is embedded in system problems are happening in other societies, not ours
  3. What does Torpel mean by a culture of deprivation?
    ○ Talking about particular race being poor might be well intention but re-inscribes notion of inferiority

    ○ Well-intentioned research (i.e. Torpel can re-inscribe)
  4. What is the state of exception?
    Frees government/sovereignty from normal legal restraints that would normally apply

    We can punish certain people
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SOC305 - Criminology and Post Colonialism
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