Nav Aids 21

  1. Which of the FMS features is designed to provide optimum vertical flight profiles?
  2. Which of the FMS features is designed to provide steering commands between active route waypoints?
  3. What type of track between waypoints does the LNAV component of the FMS generate steering commands to fly?
    The great circle track
  4. How many characters do waypoints located at pre-determined fixes normally have?
  5. In flight, how does the FMC calculate the aircrafts present position?
    By automatically scanning the various nav sources, acessing their accuracy, and using or rejecting data as applicable
  6. How are waypoints normally loaded into the FMC in modern air transport A/C?
    Automatically, from either the databse in the FMC, or when the route is uplinked from the airlines ground computer.
  7. What character is used to designate terminal area fixes along a DME Arc procedure?
    The Letter D
  8. What does a Way point designated as D233J, mean?
    D233J designates a waypoint on the 10 DME arc, on the 233 radial from a specified navaid.
  9. How would you enter an along track waypoint 20nm before Waypoint BOLOX?
  10. What are conditional (or Pseudo) waypoints?
    Waypoints which have no accurate position
  11. How is a waypoint designating a final approach fix identified?
  12. How would an along track waypoint entered as BOLOX/-20 be displayed on the active lags page of the FMS/CDU?
  13. How is an executed offset displayed on the ND?
    Dashed magenta line
  14. How is the VNAV profile acheived?
    By managing the pitch attitude through the AFDS and the thrust setting through the auotthrottle
  15. How are airspeed and Altitude values entered as part of a departure or arrival procedure, and manually entered constraints, displayed on the LEGS page of the FMS/CDU?
    In large font
  16. What does a VNAV altitude constraint displayed as 230A260B mean?
    Between FL230 and FL260
  17. How is the active waypoint constraint displayed on the CDU LEGS page?
    In magenta
  18. When will VNAV calculate and display a top of descent point?
    When an arrival and/or approach procedure is selected and incorporated into the FMC route.
  19. In Boeing and Airbus A/C respectivley, during a VNAV descent, if the airspeed significantly exceeds the VNAV descent speed, what alert is given to the flight crew?

  20. If the MCP IAS/MACH window is opened after the VNAV has transitioned to "on approach" mode, what VNAV mode displays on the FMA?
  21. During a Go Around, what mode does VNAV activate in?
  22. On TakeOff, what is the VNAV mode on reaching acceleration height?
  23. What VNAV mode will display on the FMA when the A/C levels at an intermediate level off altitude which has been preprogrammed into the VNAV climb profile?
  24. What VNAV mode will display on the FMA when the A/C levels at an intermediate level off altitude which has been set in the MCP altitude selector?
  25. What is the step climb size associated with flight in RVSM airspace
  26. Which FMC mode must be engaged in order for the AFDS to fly the programmed holding pattern speed?
  27. What does LNAV do when the wircraft flies past the last waypoint on the loaded route?
    it goes into heading hold submode.
  28. If, during a VNAV descent, the actual wind causes the airspeed in the descent to increase significantly, how does VNAV manage this situation?
    Seppd reversion occurs, pitch mode changes to VNAV SPD. VNAV resets the target below Vmo/Mmo - hence the A/C flies well above the optimal decent path.
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