Western Art

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  1. Campanile
    a bell tower, especially one freestanding from the body of a church.
  2. Cartoon
    to be transferred to a fresco, tapestry, etc.
  3. Chiaroscuro
    the distribution of light and shade in a picture.
  4. Commission
    to give a commission or order for.
  5. Diptych
    a hinged two-leaved tablet used in ancient times for writingon with a stylus.
  6. Duomo
  7. Foreshortening
    to reduce or distort
  8. Guild
    an organization of persons with related interests
  9. Humanism
    human interests, values, and dignity predominate.
  10. Linear Perspective
    mathematical system for representing three-dimensional objects
  11. Narrative Painting
    representing stories
  12. Orthogonals
    pertaining to or involving rightangles or perpendiculars
  13. Patron
  14. Pilaster
    shallow rectangular feature projecting from a wall
  15. Polyptych
    art composed of several connected panels.
  16. Predella
    the base of an altarpiece.
  17. Print
    to produce (a text, picture, etc.) by applying inked types
  18. Relievo Schiacciato
    shallow relief
  19. Sfumato
    gradation of tone and color used to blur
  20. Terribilita
    powerful will and immense angry force
  21. Tondo
    a round painting or relief.
  22. Vanishing point
    a point of disappearance
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