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  1. What are the 2 primary functions of the Flight Managment System?
    Flight Navigation and aircraft performance managment.
  2. What are the secondary functions of the FMS
    Automatic fuel monitoring and flight deck displays.
  3. Which component is considered to be the heart or brain of the FMS.
    The flight managment computer.
  4. Which component do flight crew primarily use to enter datat into the FMC?
    The Control Display Unit (CDU)
  5. What is the basic principal of operation of the FMS?
    Gather inputs about current flight path and sends command to AP, autothrottle, and FD to get optimum flight path. map and route data are sent to the NDs
  6. How is the route of the flight (flight plan) normally loaded into the FMC?
    By uplink from an airlines computer system.
  7. When the flight plan has been loaded into the FMC, how is the route activated?
    By selecting ACTIVATE on the ROUTE page and then pushing the EXEC
  8. Apart from the CDU, how do the flight crew interface with the FMS?
    The EFIS control panel selects the nessecary data for the ND, and the Mode Control panel (MCP) is used to select the autothrottle, flight director and autopilot modes.
  9. What are the 3 databases stored in the FMC?
    Performance, navigation and a database of Airline Modifiable Information.
  10. How many sets of Nav data does the FMC contain?
    Two. Each valid for 28 days.
  11. What is the order of priority of Nav systems the FMS uses to calculate the position of the aircraft?
    Primarily GNSS, then Nav radios, and finally ADIRU
  12. What system is not normally an input to the FMS for the navigation function?
    The weather radar.
  13. Where does the thrust managment function of the FMS get it's inputs in order to operate the autothrottle?
    From FMC commands, or from flight crew input to the MCP.
  14. what flight control mode must be engaged for FMS autothrottle commands to be made?
  15. how does the FMS achieve it's flight guidence function?
    through LNAV and VNAV
  16. with respect to FMS terminology, what do discontiuity, purge, and initialise mean?
    A break in the sequence of waypoints as shown on the LEGS page.

    Remove all uplinked data

    Entering data required to make the system operational.
  17. what happens of a fault develops in the FMC's which is undertaking the Flight managment Tasks?
    The second FMC automatically replaces the faulty FMC.
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