Nav Aids 17

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  1. What are the operating parameters of a FDR?
    The FDR must be fully automatic and not require or permit flight crew switching
  2. What are the operating restrictions placed on a FDR?
    Flight crew must not be able to turn off the FDR in flight or erase datat after landing.
  3. Where are FDRs usually stowed in A/C
    in the empennage.
  4. What are the NZ regulatory requirements for FDR capability in an A/C under part 121
    FDRs must be capable or recording and storing 25hrs of data in digital form.
  5. What is the power source for an FDR?
    It must recieve it's electric power from the bus that provide max reliability for operation. Same as CVR
  6. How are DFDRs normally tested?
  7. How can data from a Flight Maintenance Recorder be accessed?
    By printing the EICAS/ECAM system maintenance pages, by off loading the data from the Quick Access Recorders (QAR), and by downloading through the ACARS
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