Nav Aids 16

  1. what does a CVR record?
    Pilot intercom, Radio transmissions, and background cockpit noise.
  2. Is the CVR on an aircraft which utilises digital communications with air traffic control required to record such Coms?
    Yes, unless it is recorded elsewhere
  3. where are CVRs usually stowed on an aircraft?
    in the empennage
  4. What is the NZ regulation for fitting a CVR locating device, in an aircraft operating under CAR part 121?
    the CVR must be fitted with an underwater locating device that meets specified requirements.
  5. What is the power source for the CVR?
    Must be from a bus that provides max reliable operation, without jeopardising service to essential or emergency loads.
  6. How are CVRs normally tested?
    there must be an Aural or visual means of checking CVR for proper operation during the preflight
  7. How is a CVR started?
    Some are able to be selected on manually, some operate whenever electrical power is provided to the cockpit, while other operate automatically from engine start. There is a regulatory requirement for it to be working when the crew first arrive on the flight deck.
  8. How must a CVR be stopped?
    There must be an automatic means of simultaneously stopping the recorder and preventing any erasure feature from functioning, within 10 mins after crash impact.
  9. Can the contents of a CVR be erased?
    Some CVRs have a bulk erasure device. If they do, the system must not inadvertantly activate on impact. most can only be actuated on the ground.
  10. What is the normal recording time for a CVR?
    30 mins
  11. What is the NZ Regulation for a minimum recording time for a CVR under part 121?
    30 mins
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