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  1. What is the function of a predictive Windshear warning system? (PWS)
    To provide a windshear alert when excessive windshear conditions exsists ahead. Weather radar facilitates this.
  2. What is the function of a Reactive windshear Warning system (RWS)
    To provide an immediate windshear alert when the A/C actually penetrates a windshear condition and an excessive downdraught or tailwind is occuring of sufficient force that it may poze a hazard to the A/C. RWS is part of TAWS.
  3. What is the basic principal of a PWS?
    PWS is a mode of weather radar which detects the presence of microbursts and other windshear by detecting the doppler freqency shift of particles in the disturbed air ahead.
  4. When is the PWS enabled?
    During Takeoff, approach, and landing
  5. Where are PWS warnings annunciated?
    On the EHSI or ND as fitted
  6. What do the pitch limit indicator bars on the EADI/PFD indicate?
    The pitch attitude at which the stick shaker will occur.
  7. Does a PWS provide alerts for all types of windshear?
    no, the PWS does not provide alerting for all types of windshear. eg for dry microbursts.
  8. Do any other warnings inhibit a PWS?
    Yes, PWS alerts are inhibited by actual windshear warnings (RWS), look ahead terrain alerts, and Radio based TAWS alerts.
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