Chapter 16

  1. blephar/o
    • eyelid
    • folds of skin that close to protect anterior surface of eyeball
  2. conjunctiv/o
    • conjunctiva
    • is a mucous membrane that protects anterior surface of eyeball and turns underneath to line eyelids
  3. corne/o
    • cornea
    • the anterior portion of the sclera; transparent to allow light through and curved to bend light rays so that they focus on retina
  4. ir/o
    • iris
    • the colored portion of the eye; made of muscle and contracts or relaxes to change size of pupil
  5. irid/o
  6. kerat/o
  7. lacrim/o
  8. ocul/o
    • eye
    • the eye is a complex sensory organ that allows us to see; hollow sphere; wall of eye composed of three layers; sclera, choroid, and retina
  9. ophthalm/o
  10. opt/o
    eye, vision
  11. pupill/o
  12. retin/o
    • retina
    • the inner layer of eyeball, contains light receptors called rods and cones
  13. scler/o
    • sclera
    • the outermost layer of eye, commonly called white of eye; very fibrous and tough
  14. aden/o
  15. ambly/o
    dull or dim
  16. angi/o
  17. chrom/o
  18. cry/o
  19. cyst/o
  20. dipl/o
  21. myc/o
  22. nas/o
  23. phot/o
  24. xer/o
  25. -ician
  26. -lith
  27. -lysis
  28. -opia
  29. -plegia
  30. -ptosis
  31. -rrhea
  32. hemi-
  33. cilia
  34. rods and cones
    rods function in dim light and see in gray tones; cones see color in bright light
  35. macula lutea
    area on posterior wall of eyeball, directly opposite lens
  36. favea centralis
    small pit in center of macula, contains only cones and is point of clearest vision
  37. amblyopia
    loss of vision not due to any disease; not correctable with glasses; persons wear patch over one eye to force affected eye to work, commonly called lazy eye
  38. astigmatism
    uneven bending of light rays caused by irregular curvature of cornea; image is fuzzy; corrected with cylindrical lenses
  39. cataract
    lens becomes cloudy or opaque; results in whole vision field becoming blurry; treatment is usually surgical removal of cataract and replacement of lens with artificial lens
  40. color vision tests
    use of multicolored charts to determine ability of pt to recognize color
  41. corneal abrasion
    scraping away of outer layer of cornea
  42. diabetic retinopathy
    development of small hemorrhages and edema in retina as result of diabetes mellitus; dark spots appear in visual field; laser surgery can be necessary for treatment
  43. glaucoma
    condition resulting from increase in intraocular pressure, which, if untreated, can result in atrophy of optic nerve and blindness; pt notices that vision becomes blurry around edges; treated with medication and surgery
  44. hyperopia
    visual condition in which person can see things in distance but has trouble reading material at close range; also known as farsightedness; corrected by convex lens
  45. laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis
  46. macular degeneration
    deterioration of macula lutea of retina; pt notices loss of vision in center of visual field
  47. myopia
    • (MY)
    • visual condition in which person can see things close up but distance vision is blurred; also known as nearsightedness; corrected by concave lens
  48. optician
    health care professional trained to make corrective lenses and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses
  49. photophobia
    excessive sensitivity to light leading to avoidance; not actual fear of light
  50. retinal detachment
    occurs when retina becomes separated from choroid layer; this separation seriously damages blood vessels and nerves resulting in blindness
  51. stabismus
    weakness of external eye muscle; results in eyes looking in different directions at same time; can be corrected with glasses, eye exercises and/or surgery; commonly called cross eyed if eye is turned toward the nose
  52. strabotomy
    incision into eye muscles to correct strabismus
  53. stye
    small purulent infection of sebaceous gland of eye treated with hot compresses and surgical incision; also called hordeolum
  54. visual acuity test
    • (VA)
    • measurement of sharpness of pt vision
  55. LASIK
    laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis
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