Robert Browning

  1. Robert Browning
    known as mrs. browning's husband
  2. What type of person was he?
    • londoner
    • city boy
    • had loving parents, only child
  3. wife?
    Elizabeth Barring Browning
  4. what happened to elizabeth browning?
    had an anurism when she was young which caused her to be slightly paralyzed (semi invalid)
  5. elizabeth's family?
    • extremely wealthy
    • had a house of Torkey
  6. Torkey?
    • rich place
    • considered english riviera
  7. elizabethr browing was?
    confined to her home
  8. How did robert and liz get to know each other?
    through letters
  9. what do her sonnets have to do with?
    her love for her husband
  10. Robert Browning is considered to be ?
    a good poet
  11. model for dramatic monologue?
    My Last Duchess
  12. My Last Duchess?
    • Duke of farar didnt think highly of himself
    • he speaks to a messenger to make a deal about a new marriage**getting a new wife
  13. Fra Pandolf?
    artist of painting in my last duchess
  14. description of duchess?
    easygoing personality, it doesnt take much to make her happy
  15. Duke of Farar?
    • arrogant
    • says she only had everything because he gave her the title
    • *he'll never be lower than anyone else
    • cocky, thinks highly of himself
  16. how does the duke of farar show off in My Last Duchess?
    • shows the man a painting and a statue
    • *his possessions- duchess was thought of as just a possession
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