Pharm Drugs MOA.txt

  1. Trimehoprim/Sulfamethoxzole
    Inhibits folic acid synthesis
  2. Penicillins
    Inhibits cell wall synthesis
  3. Cephalosporins
    Inhibits cell wall phospholipids
  4. Vancomycin
    Inhibits cell wall phospholipids
  5. Azithromycin
    Inhibits protein synthesis
  6. Amikacin
    Inhibits protein synthesis
  7. Ciprofloxacin
    Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis
  8. Oseltamivir
    Neuraminindase inhibitor
  9. Acyclovir
    Inhibits synthesis of viral DNA
  10. Zidovudine
    Prevents transcription of viral RNA to DNA
  11. Amphotericin B
    Conventional prep binds to steronls forming pores
  12. AmBisome
    Liposomal preparation of Amphotericin increases forms pores
  13. Posaconazole
    Disruption of ergosterol, increases perm
  14. Isoniazid
    Inhibits assembly of mycolic acids in cell wall of mycobacterium
  15. Aldendronate
    Suppresses resorption of bone by decreasing osteoclast
  16. Calcitonin-salmon
    Inhibits osteoclast and decreases tubular resorption of calcium
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