1. what is the cerebellum?
    • 1.forms the bulk of the brain
    • of sensory and motor activity as well as conscious activity
  2. what is the cerebrum used for?
    • a)memory storage
    • b)sense of judgement
    • c)intelligence
    • d)etc.
  3. why is the surface area of the cerebrum rolled and folded?
    more surface area=more neurons
  4. what is the surface layer of the cerebral cortex?
    2-4mm thick of gray matter
  5. what is the cerebral cortex?
    • 1.millions of neuron cell bodies->arranged 6 cell bodies deep
    • 2.neurons responsible for all verebral activity
  6. what are the 3 areas that the cerebral cortex are divided into based on activity?
    • 1.sensory area
    • 2.motor area.
    • 3.association area
  7. what are sensory areas?
    pinpoints source of stimulus and identifies sensation
  8. what is the motor area?
    involves the pyramidal cells that initiates motor impulses
  9. what are association areas?
    • have elaborate functions
    • 1.analyze data
    • memories
    • 3.critical thinking
    • 4.judgement
  10. what are silent areas?
    analyzing data,etc. not sending out instructions
  11. what is 3/4th of the cerebral cortex?
    silent areas
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