Toeic 1-03 business

  1. business
    • n.商業
    • In business, you often have to make difficult choices.
  2. businessman
    • n.實業家
    • My father is a businessman and often travels to other countries.
  3. businesswoman
    • n.女實業家
    • The businesswoman was a consummate professional in everything she did.
  4. industry
    • n.工業
    • The industries in these sectors have recently made huge job cuts.
  5. movie industry
    • n.電影業
    • The movie industry has been badly affected by film piracy.
  6. fashion industry
    • n.時尚業
    • The fashion industry relies on strong brands and consumers with disposable income.
  7. heavy industry
    • n.重工業
    • Those who work in heavy industry require a more specialized skill set.
  8. enterprise
    • n.企業
    • The president was keen to pass measure to encourage new enterprise.
  9. commercial
    • adj.商業的
    • The commercial sector has suffered in the economic downturn.
  10. corporation
    • n.股份公司
    • The corporation recently renegotiated its pay package with its employees.
  11. multinational
    • n.跨國公司
    • The multinational was not overly affected by currency fluctuations.
  12. automobile industry
    • n.汽車工業
    • The automobile industry has recovered due to the government incentive sheme.
  13. technology industry
    • n.科技業
    • The technology industry continues to expand.
  14. commerce
    • n.商業
    • The Board of Commerce has asked for more time to come to a decision.
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