reflex arc (exam4)

  1. what is a reflex arc?
    the most basic form of conduction pathway
  2. what ae the 2 common types of reflex arc?
    • 1.monosynaptic reflex arc
    • 2.bisynaptic reflex arc
  3. what is monosynaptic reflex arc? give and example
    consistes of 2 neurons with only one synapse

    ex:patellar tendon reflex
  4. what is a bisynaptic reflex arc? and give and example
    consists of 8 neurons and 2 synapses

    ex:response to extreme heat
  5. what is a reflex?
    a quick, involuntary response to a stimulus-> transmitted over a reflex arc
  6. reflexes are good diagnostic tools to evaluate conditions of nervous system categories of reflexes. what are those categories?
    • 1.superficial reflexes
    • 2.deep reflexes
    • 3.pathological reflexes
  7. what aresuperficial reflexes?
    • involved cutaneous stimulation
    • a)abdominal reflex->causes contraction of abdominal muscles
  8. what are deep reflexes?
    • involve stimulation of deep structures like tendons
    • a)patellar tendon reflex, achille's tendon reflex, biceps reflex, triceps reflex,etc.
  9. what are pathological reflexes?
    reflexes that reveal specific damage info about the nervous system
  10. what is a babinski reflex?
    stimulus-> stroking the lateral aspect of the sole of foot from the heel toward the toe
  11. what is a positive babinski?
    dorsiflexion of the great(big) toe-> with or with out slight fanning of other toes

    • this means incomplete development of the nervous system:
    • 1.normal in infants up until about 18 months of age-> indicates incomplete myolination
    • adults it indicates trama or disease of the "corticospinal tract"
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