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  1. Some of Gandhi’s more controversial practices were his experiments with “brachmacharya”, which, in the practice of Yoga, is the conduct by which you attain or reach Brahman (God)
    In this context, brachmacharya refers to the penance of celibacy.
  2. After committing to this lifestyle at age 37, Gandhi would share his bed, quite starkly naked with several young women at a time.
    This was, in his view, to help become “One who never has any lustful intention, who . . . has become capable of lying naked with naked women . . .without being in any manner whatsoever sexually excited." (Gier,2007)
  3. While it is quite possible that his claim of not engaging in intercourse is true, the act of a middle-aged to old man sleeping withan underage girl naked would almost certainly be classed as pedophilia nowadays.
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